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February 2, 2013

Go: Super Bowl Edition

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Predict the Super Bowl winner, and the final score.

Don’t forget to vote for our own Katie in the MLB Fan Cave contest!!!

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  • wisconsinjpc

    Baltimore, 38-24

  • Buddy

    San Fran 27, Baltimore 17

  • Doug S.

    Baltimore 24 – SF 17

  • HLCBSL691

    Baltimore 28, SF 24.
    Got the score right last year

  • Badmojo1b

    San Francisco 17
    Baltimore 12

  • Doc Raker

    Just get this Super Bowl thingy over with ASAP so we can get onto to baseball season. Pitchers and catcher report this month!

  • HLCBSL691

    Don’t forget the WBC is next month! One of my friends still has a Derek Lee Team USA jersey from 2006. I’m thinking about getting a Starlin Castro Team Dominicana jersey if he plays.

  • Buddy

     Second prize is two Derek Lee jerseys.

  • Katie

     Why not get a Rizzo Team Italiana jersey?

  • jswanson

    That’s third prize.  

  • Allan

    sf 32  balt 27

  • Bones

    Beer commercials 27, Go Daddy Teases 2

  • HLCBSL691

    Those Go Daddy commercials are rather stimulating.

  • HLCBSL691

    Bc the Italian baseball team is a joke, being made up of players of Italian descent, plus if Rizzo does good enough between now and 2016, he can play for Team America in 2017. The WBC isn’t like the Olympics, players who are eligible to play for different countries can pick who they play for. For example, A-Rod played for Team America in 2006, then was going to play for DR in 2009 before he needed surgery

  • HLCBSL691

    And BTW I took a tour of Fenway today and saw a FanCave finalist outside Fenway. He had a jersey that said Arty 84

  • Seymour Butts

    Don’t care. Will be flying home from PHX durring the game.
    The Swinging Seymours out scored the opponents 106-53, and finished 6-2 in second place (disputed). No major injuries.
    Had a visit from players Samardzija, Russell, Russin, Clevenger, and Parker. Samardzija is a smart, level headed individual ( with great hair). He had great perspective on Soriano. The players feel he has earned his contract, and continues to earn it both as a player, and as a mentor where he excells behind the scenes.  
    Got a hit in the game against the coaches (off Ed Lynch), but had a rough week finishing 14 for 27 after an awful Friday.
    Will vote multiple times when I get home. This fleabag motel has rotten service. 

  • Gymjok

    Balt 27
    SF 23

  • Chuck

    Shrug, eh, whatever…

  • Doc Raker

    Did the weather clear up for you after Monday? I figured it did since it cleared up hear. All players feel they earn their contract and their fellow union members earn their contracts. Smarja is a young kid who is already a multi millionaire, these athletes perspective on money is skewed. I agree that Soriano works hard and is a worthy mentor but is anyone worth the multi millions they are paid to play sports? 

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