The Closest We Will Get – Fat Dan has Dan Vogelbach rated as the 8th best first base prospect in the minors. To which I say, if Dan is a 1B prospect, then Soriano really might play 3B for us this year. In reality, Vogelbach needs to get traded to the AL or hope the DH is instituted in the NL – and quickly. Most talent evaluators have him rated as a 1B strictly because the Cubs keep trotting him out there – not because he’s capable of fielding the position. When you’re 6′ 250lbs (and if he’s only 250 someone should check and make sure he didn’t cut off a limb) there isn’t a lot of hope for your longterm prospects as a fielder.

It’s Been A Slow Weekend For Sports
Novak Djokovic won the Australia (Tennis) Open. The sputtering Lakers & Celtics each scored big, regular season wins. Tiger is likely to run away with the tournament at Torrey Pines when it finishes on Monday. The NFL Pro-Bowl was on Sunday…no one cared.

Travel Tips
Don’t go to Brazilian night clubs. Or Egyptian soccer matches. Or Venezuelan prisons. Or Compton. Or the Isle of Wight.

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