There have been so many great baseball names over the years, some past and some present: Rollie Fingers, Catfish Hunter, Razor Shines, Coco Crisp … the Cubs even have a few of their own right now: Rebel Ridling, Trey McNutt, Austin Bibens-Dirxx (oh nevermind, he’s moved on.)

Today we’re going to each create our very own baseball star names, among others. As examples I also created my own names (in parentheses.)

  • Baseball Star Name = Brand name of your favorite beer + action verb. (Coors Biking)
  • TV Weather Anchor Name = Any relative’s name + a major city starting with the same letter. (Joan Jacksonville)
  • Hippie Name = Favorite flower + favorite tree. (Daffodil Dogwood)
  • Movie Star Name = Grandmother/Grandfather’s first name + something celestial. (Olga Moon)
  • Stripper Name = Favorite cologne (perfume if you’re female) + favorite fruit. (Lovely Lime)
  • Exotic Foreign Alias = A favorite spice + last vacation spot you visited. (Parlsey Mackinac)
  • Rock Star Name = Any car you’ve ever owned + the color of any wall in your home. (Pinto Brown)
  • Porn Name = Any pet’s name (current or former) + any street you’ve ever lived on. (Twilight Kidder)

Your turn!

This week’s Go column was inspired by an idea submitted by Seymour Butts. Do you have a question you’d like us to feature in the Go! column? Send it to and she’ll see what she can do!

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