Oh Wait, Was She A Great Big Fat Person?
I’m eschewing decency and leading with the punchline. The Brits are awesome, this woman lives presumably within minutes/hours of me, but the story comes to us from across the pond. Stop what you’re doing, watch the video at the bottom. Enjoy your Monday.

*I cannot promise any fat people in the news next week; I’ve not sought this out, it’s just fallen to me. Three weeks and counting…

A Tough Act To Follow, But…
If the fat person doesn’t entertain you, perhaps this will. Short story, a Bulgarian politician was nearly assassinated on Saturday. When the gun jammed, the would-be assassin was nearly beaten to a pulp (even an old guy with an umbrella/cane got into the fray). Of course this is Eastern Europe which means there is fantastic video of the event (bottom of the page from the above link).

Enough Frivolity, HarBowl Time
Having two brothers myself, as well as being father to two sons, the Super Bowl sounds like a miserable family event this year. One brother will have the most euphoric day his profession can provide, padding his credentials and building a legacy…all at his brother’s expense. Two parents will be exultant with the winner and crushed for his brother who came so close and was denied. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, the 49ers came back to beat the Falcons in Atlanta and advance to the Super Bowl; meanwhile the Ravens thwarted the heavy home favorites in New England. San Francisco is coached by JIM Harbaugh, Baltimore is coached by JOHN Harbaugh. They’ll likely spend the next two weeks trying to distance themselves from that particular aspect of the matchup, but the Harbaughs cannot deny that after the game one of them will have been elevated at the cost of his brother. Still, I imagine they probably both prefer this outcome to last year when each team lost in the league championship game and neither one of them made the Super Bowl.

The Cubs convention took place this past weekend. As with basically everything else related to the Cubs these days, a lot was said and none of it was terribly important. Ricketts gave parenting tips to a dad from San Francisco, Theo promised a contract to a kid upon his 18th birthday (presumptuous). Oh, and they settled all their arbitration cases. So what, big deal.

Back Where We Started
Maybe it’s the Excedrin talking, but you REALLY need to watch the video from the fat lady article.

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