Kosuke is headed back to Japan…to play for my favorite Japanese team, the Hanshin Tigers. You’ll recall that the Tigers are the previous employer of Kyuji Fujikawa (a member of your 2013 Chicago Cubs); but more notably, they suffer from the Curse of the Colonel. Sayanora, Kosuke.

And we’re now just one month away from pitchers and catchers reporting to camp.

Game of the year started the divisional round. Ray Lewis and Ravens somehow found a way to win; the Broncos advanced no further with Peyton Manning than they had with Tim Tebow. On Saturday night the Packers beat themselves again (I can only presume), and this time it was the 49ers who were the beneficiaries. But if you had hoped to see Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs; don’t worry, you will. State Farm’s advertising budget has made sure of that…

On Sunday, the one they call Matty Ice (first, a terrible nickname; second, how can that be the nickname you bestow upon a guy who was 0-3 in the NFL playoffs, and 0-2 in ACC championship games in college…he was dangerously close to becoming Matty Ice Cold) and the Falcons jumped out to a 20-point lead over the Seahawks. But after falling behind 28-27 with less than a minute remaining, Atlanta managed to kick a game-winning field goal as time expired. In the final game of the weekend, it was never really close, the Patriots put another beating on the Texans in New England.

The NFL is a QB-driven league…that’s the simplest way to evaluate what remains and Tom Brady is miles ahead of the other three.

If no one knows where to find the Lance Armstrong interview (because it’s on Oprah’s self-aggrandizing network), will we all wind up just catching snippets on various networks? He’d have to admit to something fairly compelling for me to be interested in watching the whole show anyway (I’m thinking ‘I had Oompa Loompas in charge of mixing my homemade EPO recipe and after time trials I routinely dropped acid with Joe Rogan while watching Sergio Leone movies’ would be enough to get me through one hour). At this point we all know he cheated, not sure why we need an hour-long special to find that out (kind of like LeBron’s ‘The Decision’).

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