Two years ago, the Rangers were spurned by one notable free agent – Lance Berkman. He was rather vocal about the Rangers’ decision to sign Adrian Beltre to a long-term deal. This off-season, virtually every free agent has spurned the Rangers, except Lance Berkman. Texas signed Fat Elvis to be their likely solution at DH and provide a bat that sometimes hits from the lefthanded batters’ box.

Late on Friday, the Cubs signed Dontrelle Willis to a minor league deal that could see him earn an invite to the major league camp for Spring Training.

Is tentatively back…

The first three games of Wild Card Weekend provided little intrigue. The Bengals stayed close, until the end – but Houston won. The Vikings were without Christian Ponder at QB, and the Packers easily controlled the game. The Colts were no match for the Ravens, who won Ray Lewis’ last home game. And the final game got out of hand late, as the Seahawks took down the Redskins.

But the real news out of the final game is that the Redskins are being accused of putting RG3 at risk of further damaging his knee. Only it’s the famous Dr. James Andrews leveling the accusation, and he claims they’ve been doing so since he was originally injured in mid-December. Of course you hope RG3 shakes it off and comes back fine in September, but if he doesn’t…

Lance Armstrong = Pete Rose
Everyone knows Lance Armstrong is a cheater. Everyone knows Pete Rose bet on baseball. The difference between the two might only be that Lance has seemingly come to grips with reality about 15 years sooner than Pete ever did. Armstrong is already floating the trial balloon of, “ok, I’ll confess to cheating.” The French are breaking out their finest wine and cheese to celebrate.

National title game tonight. I really don’t see how Notre Dame wins this game. In 7 of their 12 games they scored 22 points of fewer. In another game they managed only 29 points total after three overtimes. Alabama scored fewer than 30 points only twice all year – at home in a loss to Texas A&M, against the Heisman trophy winner at the peak of TAMU’s season; and then in a win against division rival LSU. In 7 of Alabama’s 13 games they’ve scored 40 points or more. If the Tide rolls, a few more rednecks will have Nick Saban shrines in that broken down RV occupying the front lawn.

Look Into Your Future America
It’s a New Year, and if you don’t already know it, your take home pay is smaller and you’re also paying for health coverage you won’t be getting for a few more years. But people like this will now get to spend millions to remove the consequences of their irresponsible lifestyle. U-S-A! U-S-A!

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