This late morning news will signal that I’ve postponed the Northside Archives for today…you’re welcome.

Sugar Bowl
It must’ve left a nasty taste in Gator mouths, but the Sugar Bowl was sweet revenge for Charlie Strong and all Louisville fans…plus anyone else on the periphery sick and tired of hearing about how dominant the SEC is over other conferences. Perhaps the most undeserving BCS participant (though I could make a decent case Wisconsin was more undeserving), Louisville manhandled the more athletic Florida squad. Out of sync all night, and making boneheaded mistakes at the most inopportune times, Will Muschamp’s crew looked as though they thought their win was inevitable no matter what they did. The game started with Florida throwing a pick-six; the second half started with the Gators failed attempt at a surprise on-side kick, two personal fouls and a player ejected all on before the first play from scrimmage, which resulted in another Louisville touchdown. Brutal. The final score was 33-23 but it wasn’t really ever that close.

MLB Units
Buster Olney has been ranking the best MLB pitching staffs, lineups, infields, outfields. It’s insider content; spolier alert – the Cubs don’t appear on any of his lists.

HOF Voting
Next Wednesday will answer some questions that many have pondered regarding the MLB Hall of Fame nominees. With looming questions over so many steroid-era players, Craig Biggio is commonly thought to be the only guy who’ll definitely receive a HOF call on the 9th. Will holdovers benefit? Will anyone vote for Jeff Conine just so the HOF can get a Marlin bust on display? What color will Sammy Sosa’s skin be if he appears for an interview? These are just some of the questions that we might get answered.

Peeing At LAX
I can assure you that LAX has many bathrooms, some cleaner than others. But one alleged movie star (I’ve never see two seconds of a Twilight movie, so I have no idea who THIS guy is) decided that he couldn’t wait to be dealt with for being drunk and disorderly, he needed to relieve himself immediately. In proper LA style, everyone pointed and laughed, grabbed their cell phones, and waited for cops to arrive.

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