The AFC participants are settled, seeding is all that’s left to decide. In some order; Houston, Denver, New England, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis are the AFC teams with a shot at the Super Bowl. The NFC picture is clearing up, but not nearly settled. Divisions have been won in Atlanta & Green Bay – the current #1 & #2 seeds. Seattle and San Francisco are both in, but after the Seahawks SNF beatdown of the 49ers in front of the 12th man, Seattle still has an opportunity to win the division. The NFC East is down to the Redskins and Cowboys, who will wrap up the regular season next week on Sunday Night. The winner goes to the playoffs, the loser watches from home (in all likelihood) – sound familiar Cowboy fans? That leaves one Wild Card spot, and it’ll be the Vikings, Bears (both at 9-6), the Giants at 8-7 and whoever loses the Redskins/Cowboys game vying for the single spot.

If the Vikings win they are in. But that’s where it gets interesting, the Vikings meet the Packers who are likely playing for a week off or a rematch with the Vikings in the Wild Card round. The Packers might also consider that if they were to lose, there would be a massive silver lining – a Packers loss eliminates both the Bears and Giants regardless of any other outcome. The Bears and Giants both have early 1pm EST games; the Vikings/Packers tilt is at 4:25pm – those teams might win and then get to watch the Packers roll over and eliminate them. And if the Vikings win, the SNF game between the Redskins and Cowboys is effectively the first playoff game. It’s setup to be a fascinating finale weekend…unless the AFC is where your loyalties lie.

Santa; And Why I Don’t Lie To My Kids
I’ll get right to the point. My kids have never, and will never believe Santa to be real. It’s not a conscious effort to ‘dis-indoctrinate’ them, mind you; but my wife and I remind our little ones from whom they’ve received their various gifts. Whenever our kids start favoring a particular toy, we quickly remind them where it came from and who they should be thanking. If all gifts have been received from someone my kid can identify, ‘Santa’ didn’t bring us jack. And that’s quite the way I prefer it; my kids are getting toys and gifts from friends and family that love them. You keep telling your kids that some fat guy broke into the house and left packages behind – when they have a complex about how no one loves them, or when they get old enough to realize you’ve perpetrated quite the lie don’t come crying to me. Merry Christmas!

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