First of all, good to be back here with all of you. I wish all of you comfort and joy during this holiday season, regardless of how or what you celebrate during this time of year.

Quick bits of news since I’m a little bit late on this.


Bundles of Starters

Remembers last year when we started Brooks Raley and Chris Rusin for a combined 12 games over the last few months of the season?

Yeah I do too and I’d love to forget about it.

The Cubs front office said that it wasn’t going to be a splashy offseason, but that they would make necessary moves to make the team better. I’d say that they’ve already done extremely well on the starter front by adding the Scott’s –Baker and Feldman–and signing Carlos Villanueva officially last night/this morning. None of those signings are going to knock your socks off, but it gives the Cubs flexibility to use a variety of starters over the course of the year. It also gives them depth if the injuries start to pile up as they did last year.

Now Jim Bowden and Buster Olney are reporting that the Cubs and Edwin Jackson have a 4 year/$52 million deal that could get done very soon. Jackson is an inning-eater that would make a good No. 2 or 3 starter on the current staff.

However that creates an eight player log jam at starter, a good problem to have in my opinion. So what say you, who will be the starting rotation come April 1?

The New Traveling Salesman Tim Tebow

By now you’ve all probably seen the story about Rex Ryan passing over Tebow to be starter and instead starting third-stringer Greg McElroy this coming weekend. Well Tebow isn’t happy with that decision and his displeasure was on full display yesterday during an interview.

According to reports, the Jets are looking to move on from both Mark Sanchez and Tebow in this next offseason. This isn’t surprising to see by any stretch, but the move to acquire the former Gator quarterback  in the first place is still a head scratcher.

I currently work in radio down in Mississippi and I heard through the grapevine that the reason Tebow won’t start is the fear that he may play better than Sanchez. Rex Ryan doesn’t want the backlash associated with that should he succeed

A Song and a Dance

While parts of New England are still picking up the pieces of the tragedy we are now almost a week removed from, Tony Lepore is bringing smiles to the faces of Rhode Island residents.

Lepore is a retired police officer that comes back out into the limelight during the holidays to bring a little joy to people. Instead of directing traffic with the usual dryness and bore that is usually associated with it, Lepore dances in the intersection as drivers pass.

He is now 65 years of age and still going strong. Good for him.

This reminds me of a “The League” episode with the traffic cop that has a lot of flair. Great episode.

You can watch Lepore do his thing here.

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