We’ll start with some news from last week about an ex-Cub–you may have already heard about it, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything about it in this space yet. Last Thursday, word got out that Ryan Dempster had turned down a 2-year, $25M offer from the Red Sox, and that he’d also turned down a similar deal from the Royals. According to Gordon Edes, Dempster is angling for a 3-year deal, and has interest from the Brewers and (gulp) the Cubs. I don’t see any way the Cubs bring him back for big money and multiple years. In fact, I can’t see them even doing two years unless it was dirt cheap and they hoped to trade him off again. Frankly, I think Dempster is getting bad advice–at his age, with his inconsistent track record, I’d take the money and run.

The only other notable Cubs news Monday was that they appear to be one of three teams (along with the Yankees and the Angels) who have opted out of the MLB’s renewed deal with StubHub. Or did they? According to the Cubs, they are still exploring their options. Here’s hoping they stick with StubHub in the end–the system couldn’t be easier for the seller, and with another season’s worth of tickets to unload in 2013, I’m not looking forward to jumping through additional hoops. And as a frequent StubHub customer, there’s really no one who offers comparable service–meaning that if the Cubs do decide to switch, it’s likely everyone suffers in some way.

The Dodgers finalized their blockbuster deal with Zack Greinke Monday–six years for a reported $147M, making him the highest paid right-hander in MLB history. Anybody else a little frightened by how spend-happy the new Dodgers’ owners are? It’s like they learned absolutely nothing from the MC Hammer episode of Behind the Music.

In today’s NFL, it seems that no defense is truly “shutdown”–unless of course that team is playing the Arizona Cardinals. Monday night, the vaunted Texans defense looked lost and confused against Tom Brady and the Patriots, losing in New England 42-14.

Remember the name Todd Monken. Up until very recently, he was the offensive coordinator for my Oklahoma State Cowboys. Monday it was announced that he was moving on after two seasons to be the head coach at Southern Miss. Why is that worth noting? Monken quickly made a reputation for himself as outspoken, blunt, candid, bawdy, and often hilarious–several of the factors that make for excellent post-game press conferences. It’s not a question of when he’ll say something quotable and memorable–it’s a question of when.

It seems like every week I have to be the bearer of sad NHL news. This week is no different–the NHL announced Monday they were cancelling all their games through the end of the calendar year. I think these piecemeal cancellations are Gary Bettman’s way of further driving home the knife in the heart of us fans–why else would he chip away at the season in little two-week chunks? Furthermore, how does he hope to hold onto his job on the back end of this? In what fictional endgame does he coming out looking to anyone like the good guy at the end of this?

And finally, make sure your next heart surgeon is a fastidious hand-washer.

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