The Cubs hired a guy named Scott Harris to be their director of baseball operations. Harris formerly held a similar position with the MLB, where he assisted teams with transaction support and analysis. He’s also twenty-five years old, which is equal parts impressive and frustrating.

As you may have heard, three of the key lightning rods of the steroid era are now eligible for Hall of Fame voting. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and our own Sammy Sosa are about to face the wrath of baseball writers everywhere. While there is little doubt that any of them will be voted into the Hall–at least not on their first ballot–ESPN Chicago’s Jon Greenberg makes a case for their eventual admittance. He has a point; it would be virtually impossible to completely ignore that era of the game. So while they might not make any trips to Cooperstown in the near future, my guess is that at least Bonds and maybe Clemens gets in eventually. As for Sosa, I think he’ll be shocked by how few votes he gets this January, breaks some of his Cubs gear out of storage, and tries to get back in our good graces. We’ll see if Theo and Tom Ricketts have any interest in helping rehabilitate his image.

Drew Brees’ record-breaking streak of games with a touchdown pass died Thursday night, along with the Saints’ postseason hopes. Brees did manage to throw a whopping five interceptions to the Falcons’ defense, losing in Atlanta 23-13.

LSU head coach Les Miles was able to leverage a rumored offer from Arkansas into a substantial extension of his current contract. With several big jobs open–and probably more to come–expect more football coaches to follow suit. (Along those lines, here’s a great article about what Texas needs to do about their Mack Brown-sized problem. It’s actually several weeks old–written in the days following the Longhorns’ de-pantsing at the hands of the Sooners–but in that time I’ve read it and reread it frequently. And frankly, it’s the kind of thing that’s so well-written, it makes me jealous.)

Also in LSU football news, it seems Honey Badger don’t care about finishing school.

Wouldn’t you assume that Michael Jordan could pretty much wear whatever he wants, wherever he wants? You’d be wrong. Jordan fell victim to the pretentiousness of golf–specifically that exposed pockets somehow tarnish the dignity of the game. I’m all for the Miami country club’s ability to have and enforce whatever dress code they like–for all I know, it’s actually good for business. But you know what’s not good for business? Running off one of the biggest names in the sports world because he wore the wrong shorts.

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