Obligatory Cubs ‘News’
Reports have the Cubs, along with virtually every other deep-pocketed MLB franchise, chasing down Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton of the Miami Marlins. Stanton took to Twitter with his frustrations immediately after news broke that the Marlins had off-loaded the valuable parts of their roster to the Blue Jays – the valuable parts not formerly known as Mike Stanton. Rampant speculation that he desires a new employer, immediately. Facing the proposition of historic losing, mediocre (at best) teammates, and zero fan interest it’s understandable why Stanton might want out. In 2013 he’s a cheap at roughly $500k; in 2014, that figure likely balloons to several million, but still incredibly affordable considering the talent. He is under team control for two more seasons beyond that, through 2016. I’d expect the Marlins to off-load Stanton, though not perhaps in the immediate future. Several of his former teammates seem to think that Stanton would prefer to head back to California, where he grew up. In any case, good to know the Cubs have thrown their proverbial hat into the ring. Maybe nothing will come of it, but it’s a nice thought at least…

The Bears destroyed the Vikings 28-10 in a game that wasn’t really that close. Jay Cutler returned from his concussion and turned in a steady performance. But the win came at a high cost – Devin Hester (concussion), Charles Tillman (ankle), Matt Forte (ankle), Chris Spencer (knee), and Lance Louis (knee) all suffered injuries of varying severity. Louis’ injury came at the hands of what Mike Pereira believed to be a dirty hit. None have been ruled out for next week currently, but any of those five starters sidelined with injuries isn’t exactly what the Bears need when they host the Seahawks next Sunday. The first link in this section above includes this bit about Brandon Marshall cresting 1000 yards for the season, “In the third quarter, I leaned over to Jay and said, `That catch puts me at 1,000 yards for six seasons in a row.’ And he looked at me and said, `You’re disgusting,” Marshall said, laughing.

The win also put the Bears back in charge of the NFC North for the time being; the Packers were yet again embarrassed by that inferior team masquerading as the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants. Remember Clay Matthews says the Giants didn’t beat the Packers last year in the playoffs (even though the scoreboard disagreed). Jarrett Bush parroted a similar line after another loss. On Sunday night, the Packers got revenge, ‘not losing’ to the Giants by an even wider margin. The 38-10 Giants win put the Packers behind the playoff eight-ball. They desperately need a win over the Bears in Week 15, or a total Bears collapse. Winning the division is still a good possibility, but they probably won’t avoid playing on Wild Card Weekend if they make it that far. The Giants (also at 7-4) and the 49ers (8-2-1) both hold head-to-head tie-breakers for the #2 seed; the Falcons seem destined for the NFC’s top slot (10-1).

Notre Dame v. SEC Champion for the BCS Championship. 42 days away. Brian Kelly wins that game, he can write his NFL contract. Nick Saban wins that game, a lot of Bama boosters will be wondering how long before Saban bolts back to Sundays. Mark Richt wins that game, he won’t have to listen to questions about the hot seat for another 18 months (maybe). Oh, and millionaires are being routinely added to the unemployment rolls. Auburn. NC State. Purdue. Colorado. Boston College. Arkansas. More to come I’m sure.

I Want To See This Made Into A Movie ASAP
‘Target, we’re not sure if it’s robbery or a business transaction.’

When Grown Men Fight Over Shoes
I’m anti-Black Friday (I’m making that a thing now)…so this story makes me laugh. People are so stupid. At least fight over something important, like if Aaron Rodgers is one of the top 4 QBs in the NFL (I couldn’t resist).

But This Speaks Well For Humanity
YouTube’s most watched video of all-time had been Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’…until the South Korean sensation PSY eclipsed that mark with the ubiquitous ‘Gangnam Style’ (I’ll link to that). PSY’s hit video is up over 823 million views at this point. So not only has his horse-riding dance helped us to forget the Macarena, but he’s eviscerated Bieber’s records as well. Not that PSY is necessarily the height of culture, but he’s a clear step up from the Macarena or Bieber- surely even Kim Jong-un can agree with us about that!

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