You’ll have to forgive he lack of detail (not that you’d necessarily notice)–I’m on the road this week for a family reunion/Thanksgiving celebration in Oklahoma. If I’ve overlooked something interesting or worthwhile, it’s not negligence–I probably just don’t know about it.

The Cubs have agreed to a one-year contract with relief pitcher Shawn Camp. Hooray? Camp tied for the league-lead in appearances last season with 80, in which he provided middling relief most of the time, with flashes of spectacular incompetence.

As I write this Monday night, I’m actively ignoring the Bears vs. 49ers game debacle. I know our readership is fairly divided when it comes to football loyalties–some of you may just want to jump ahead (and feel free to petition some of our other writers to devote some space to your favorite team). In simple terms (for the sake of any Packer fans still reading–zing!), the 2012 Bears of perhaps the most all-or-nothing team I’ve ever seen. When it’s all going right, hey look like hyper-dominant world-beaters. But toy with their delicate recipe in even the smallest way, and it results in a complete and total meltdown. Could we rally and still win the NFC North? Absolutely. Could we have already enjoyed our last win of the season? Certainly seems possible. I believe we can beat anyone in league, but there’s not one team I’m absolutely sure we’d beat every time. Schizophrenic is not how you want to describe your teams. It seems to be a constant with the Bears. The final score on the pantsing, 32-7. Woof.

Some small good news for Bears fans: Mike Ditka is back home after suffering a minor stroke. He was even able to appear on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown.

Big news for Big 10 fans: Maryland and Rutgers are joining your beloved “Legends and Leaders.” That will take the Big 10 up to fourteen teams, so look for more additions in the near future (sixteen is kind of the magic number when it comes to super conferences). Any guesses as to who the next additions will be? And for you Big 10 fans, is this good news?

Ed Reed received a one-game suspension for an illegal hit on Steelers’ receiver Emmanuel Sanders. I didn’t see the hit, so I can’t say if the suspension was earned. What say you?

The NHL might have a proposal soon. Full disclosure: I didn’t read this story. I have very little hope left that there will be a season in 2012, and stories like this just seem like a tease at this point.

David Beckham is hanging up his shinguards, at least stateside. Yawn.

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