Let’s start here and perhaps avoid some of the ugliness from the Cubs Only crowd. At the end of last week, the Cubs agreed with Dioner Navarro on a 1-year deal that effectively makes him no worse than our backup catcher. Former MLB pitcher and current AAAAstros announcer Jim Deshaies is one of the few remaining names that hasn’t withdrawn from consideration as the Cubs new TV analyst (to replace the Arizona-bound Bob Brenly). He interviewed with the Cubs over the weekend. Rumors have the Cubs interested in Kyuji Fujikawa, a true free agent from Japan (no posting fee). Fujikawa is a reliever, and it’s my opinion he’ll likely wind up elsewhere. But if all of that still is not enough, Fat Dan Vogelbach gave Carrie Muskat an interview – reportedly in return he was provided with a crazy amount of buffalo wings and Ho-Hos.

Total carnage in NCAA football this week, #1 (Kansas State), #2 (Oregon) both lost. That means the remaining undefeated teams are Notre Dame and The (Ineligible For Postseason Play) Ohio State University. Notre Dame gets the sputtering Trojans of USC; a win and they’re in the title game. Alabama crawled up to #2, but they’ll have to vanquish Georgia in the SEC title game. It seems as if the winner of that game will be Notre Dame’s foe, but if the BCS has taught us anything it’s that we have no idea what next week brings.

Overtime reigned supreme on Sunday, three of the early games went to OT (with the Cowboys, Texans, and Buccaneers picking up wins in those games). All of the late afternoon games were beatdowns. The Bears need a win on MNF in San Francisco without Jay Cutler in order to stay a game up on the Packers (who won in Detroit in spite of Mason Crosby’s right leg).

Allan Huber Selig
You know how when you did something wrong as a child, your parents would call you out by your full name to let you know you were in it deep? I’m looking at you Allan Huber Selig. Reportedly, Bud was recently asked again about the prospect of the Oakland A’s moving to San Jose. It’s a question that Bay Area residents know well – kind of how Los Angeles residents have a constant dialogue about which NFL team they’d to send moving trucks for, or Vegas residents who continue the fantasy of a professional sports team taking up residence in the city sometime during this millennium. Bud doesn’t really like the Oakland to San Jose question because it’s one that makes him look rather impotent and incompetent. He hasn’t the power nor the acumen to resolve the situation to anyone’s satisfaction; he’s been unable to secure any type of permanent (and adequate) facility for the A’s in either city. Well Bud was particularly testy when asked, he replied to the reporter that he’d ‘be disappointed if you didn’t ask’ but that the reporter ‘wasn’t going to get a f****** answer.’ I’m not sure he necessarily needed that kind of answer, just a normal answer probably would’ve been good enough. (Since we’re talking about Selig, it’s incredible to me that he’s NOT the worst active sports commissioner. Gary Bettman of the NHL has him beat by a mile, and that’s really saying something.)

A Scarf You’ll Want To Eat
Now if they can somehow make pieces of bacon that big, create someway to cook them, and then install said cooking device in my backyard/kitchen/bedroom (all of the above?)…I’d be happy.

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