Major League Baseball continues to move toward expanding instant replay at a glacial pace. Here’s an update on that and a few other topics of discussion at the GM meetings this week.

The New York Mets are trying to extend R.A. Dickey and David Wright, unless they can’t. Not sure what kind of flexibility they’ve gained from buying out Jason Bay, but I get the sense Sandy Alderson is already hedging against losing one of both of his marquee players.

Jayson Stark compares the Dodgers’ new business model to the Yankees’ free-spending ways. Back in April, I said the Dodgers new owners “have proven the will massively overspend to get what they want.  Even the famously deep-pocketed Steinbrenners wouldn’t overpay by a billion dollars–Magic Johnson and Co. have set fire to money in a way that (potentially) scares the rest of the league.  We won’t know the full ramifications until free agency hits again after the season, but expect the MLB market to be less of the meritocracy it once was, and more of a free-wheeling auction, where value is primarily determined by what a team is willing to pay.  And when that team is the Dodgers, all bets are off.” It turns out we didn’t even have to wait that long, as Los Angeles gladly adopted a quarter of a billion dollars in salary from the Red Sox. Don’t expect them to stop there.

Anyone who has Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson on his or her fantasy team this year is wondering what’s up with Megatron? He says it’s nerve damage that resulted from a concussion earlier in the season. Not good news.

Michael Vick’s brother Marcus tweeted a request for his brother to be traded away from the Eagles during Philadelphia’s Monday night loss to New Orleans. If it was your loved one struggling behind that wet paper bag of an offensive line, you might have done the same. Regardless of his intent, Michael has put an end to his brother’s digital outbursts.

There may still be an NHL season, but each passing day makes me less and less optimistic.

College basketball tips off today. Here are ESPN’s experts’ predictions for the season. (The rest of you non-basketball fans out there can join me in a collective yawn.)

Jermaine Jackson wants to legally change the spelling of his name to “Jermaine Jacksun,” because apparently he hasn’t been in the news enough lately. For my money, Jermaine needs to think bigger–even with the altered spelling, he’s still only like the fourth craziest Jacksun Jackson.

Finally, the 23rd official James Bond movie hits the US theaters today. It’s called Skyfall, and by all accounts it’s a winner (making it a nice rebound after the stillborn Quantum of Solace). In preparation, Grantland published an interesting article analyzing, comparing, and ranking the various Bond theme songs.

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