The Cubs are heading the GM meetings this week with plenty of work to do. Doug Padilla gives you a little preview of what they might have in mind.

David Ortiz recently re-upped with Boston for two more years, and he had some thoughts about Bobby Valentine’s accusations that he quit on the team last season.

The Saints beat the Eagles last night in a game that might prove to be Andy Reid’s undoing (he’s been given a public and not-so-subtle mandate to finish better than .500, which is now all but impossible). I don’t know what sense it makes to fire the head coach mid-season (they haven’t yet), but nothing in Philadelphia seems to be working. Not even this creative but ultimately futile kick return.

Speaking of futility, Titans owner Bud Adams couldn’t even sit through Sunday’s loss to the Bears, leaving the game part way through the third quarter. He’s also talking about a top-to-bottom reevaluation of his organization–the kind which often conclude in a tidal wave of firings. Again, I don’t see the wisdom of firing a head coach mid-season. Unlike other sports, football seasons are simply too short to see any significant turnaround from a regime change, so it’s more about making a statement than actually righting the ship.

In other NFL coaching news, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano got some good news–his leukemia is in full remission. You can also see some of Pagano’s emotional post-game speech after the Colts’ victory Sunday in the embedded video.

I’m not a basketball fan, and I’m not sure I ever would have heard his voice except in the soundbites that circulated yesterday, but longtime NBA announcer Jim Durham died yesterday. He was the voice of the Bulls from 1973-1991, so undoubtedly some of you were familiar with his work.

A woman who drove on the sidewalk to avoid children getting off of a school bus will be forced to wear a sign that says “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus” for a couple days in addition to her suspended license and a fine.

A woman in Oklahoma is facing a $2500 fine because her three year-old son tried to urinate in their own front yard.

Finally, some news that will be of significant interest to our younger readers: Disney is planning a sequel series for the beloved 90’s sitcom Boy Meets World. Chances are if you’re under thirty years-old, this is massive news–even bigger than last week’s announcement that another Star Wars movie is on the way. I was never a devoted viewer of the show, but I have a brother (not Jedi) who is, and the longer I don’t hear from him, the more concerned I am that this news has given him a heart attack.


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