Marmol For Haren Scuttled
Late last week it broke that the Cubs were involved in a deal to acquire Dan Haren from the Angels and in return send Carlos Marmol out West. The deal didn’t materialize, but two good things came from it 1) 29 other teams know the relative cost of Marmol (don’t underestimate the importance of that – especially after the Dempster trade experience), and 2) Dan Haren has been marked by the Cubs. After the deal fell through, Haren’s option wasn’t picked up making him a free agent; so perhaps now the Cubs can snag him for nothing.

Bears Trounce Tennessee
What an ugly game, the Titans found themselves trailing after a single quarter by the unusual score of 28-2. The final was a much uglier 51-20 total. If Brandon Marshall is part of your fantasy team, you probably won your matchup. A Minnesota loss and a Green Bay win has the Packers just 1.5 GB in second place. Plus with a win in the first matchup, Green Bay will find themselves in control of their own destiny if they crawl to within just 1 GB. It’s a tenuous division lead for the team that sports the best point differential in the NFL.

Zoo Danger
Don’t dangle your kid over the railing…ever.

Hurricane Aftermath
Is it just me, or has the Hurricane Sandy aftermath been eerily similar to Hurricane Katrina. If a levee were to break, it’d be deja vu.

I think something is happening tomorrow, but I forget what…then again, I’m posting this from 30,000 feet, so maybe it’s just the altitude.

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