World Series Ends
So maybe Ryan Theriot isn’t technically the littlest Giant, but the former Cub got a second consecutive World Series ring last night by setting the table in the 10th inning and eventually scoring the winning run for the victorious Giants. How quickly these MLB playoffs ended, with decidedly less interest than the new playoff format was designed for. The Giants vanquished the 7th best (record-wise) team in the AL in a very quick sweep that will inevitably usher in analysts everywhere parroting some form of the axiom, good pitching always beats good hitting.

Cubs Shake Up The 40-Man
I’ll let Carrie Muskat explain it to you!

Rod Stewart Does With Weird Stuff With Cocaine
I don’t want to talk about it.

Why do we name hurricanes after people? More importantly, why are these names not good enough? Frankenstorm (perhaps to laziest nickname a journalist ever authored) is battering the East Coast the beginning part of this week. I’ll be ready to batter the greater Richmond, Virginia area on Thursday; maybe someone can write a news article about me riffing on my first name. I’m sure it’ll be just as lazy a tagline…

DIY Aviary – In Illinois!
This guy really, really loves his birds. Even the dead ones.

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