Might as well start with the World Series. Unlike Wednesday’s lop-sided Game 1, Game 2 was a pitchers’ duel, locked in a 0-0 tie into the seventh. The Giants came out on top in the 2-0 victory to take a moderately commanding 2-0 lead in the series. I know there was some controversy at one point when Prince Fielder was thrown out at the plate, and some drama when Tigers’ pitcher Doug Fister was hit in the head by a line drive (the ball wound up in center field, but Fister managed to stay on the mound). But I can’t offer you much specific detail about the game, since my nephews were visiting. Their viewing choice was less mainstream–a British stop-motion cartoon about the adventures of a group of bath toys called the Rubbadubbers. It was a weird evening.

In a happy footnote to a tragic story, Giants fan and beating victim Bryan Stow was in attendance for Game 2 last night. Stow’s recovery is progressing slowly, but it had to be nice for him and his family to take in a victory for their beloved Giants.

Elsewhere in the MLB, Mariano Rivera is contemplating retirement, and that Cardinals are ready to part ways with Kyle Lohse and Lance Berkman.

Sad news for former Cub Mark Grace–he was indicted Thursday on drunk driving charges, and could face as much as four years in prison. Since it was his second DUI arrest in less than fifteen months, it seems he’s facing at least some jail time. So you can go ahead and take his name off the list of potential replacements for Bob Brenly. On a personal note, Grace is one of my all-time favorite Cubs, so while I can’t abide his crime I do hope he’s able to avoid the harshest punishment. And that whatever his sentence, he’s able to get his life together.

Speaking of frustrating stupidity, Honey Badger don’t care about playing football for LSU ever again.

Longtime NBA Sith Lord commissioner David Stern announced he will retire on February 1st, 2014–the thirty-year anniversary of him first taking the job. Since I couldn’t care less about the NBA, this doesn’t matter much to me. What about you basketball fans out there–is this good news or bad?

A ninety year-old shooting victim is being sued by the man who broke into his house, tied him up, and shot him. By comparison, the guy who robbed a Church’s Chicken with a samurai sword looks like a criminal mastermind.

And to get your weekend started right, here are the top ten greatest car jumps in Hollywood history. (And be sure to click the link to the tractor fight video–it’s magical.)

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