Don’t Get Eliminated!
The San Francisco Giants won their 5th playoff elimination game on Sunday night. Tonight at 8pm EST, the only broadcast channel NOT showing Obama v. Romney III will be Fox – they’ll be carrying Game 7 of the NLCS. Kyle Lohse facing off against Matt Cain. I really don’t know how the Giants have been doing it, their offense is smoke and mirrors; then again the Cards were only slightly better than .500 over six months so perhaps their luck has finally run out. The big winner in this game is the Tigers, who merely await travel instructions for Wednesday’s World Series opener.

Monday Night Football
If the Cards jump out to an early lead, flip on over to ESPN and see if the Bears can cash in on a chance to stay atop the NFC North. A win over Detroit would keep Chicago .5 game up on Minnesota, and 1.5 up on the suddenly more focused Green Bay Packers. A loss for Detroit puts them in serious peril of being finished before Halloween.

Presidential Debate
If the Cards jump out to an early lead, AND the Bears start throwing up all over themselves, perhaps a sliver of entertainment can be found on one of the many stations airing the third and final Presidential debate. You’ll recall that in the first debate Obama barely registered a pulse; the second time out, he was feisty – as if he’d had a predebate meal of Fun Dip and Red Bull. If you want a drinking game, try putting one down every time Obama talks about killing Osama bin Laden, or every time Romney tries to steer the conversation back to Libya.

If you want something a bit more lighthearted, watch Obama and Romney speak at a benefit dinner in New York on Thursday night. I’d rather see a debate like that – where they just take pot shots at one another for 90 minutes. It’d be a welcome change from 90 minutes of “he’s lying, no he’s lying; I love the middle class, no I love the middle class.” Scheduled to be a foreign policy debate, it’s sure to be loaded with talking points and demagoguery. I fail to see the need for a debate on foreign policy, just look each candidate’s supporters (Romney; Obama).

Parkour, The ‘Sport’ For Idiots
If you’d rather not watch two grown men bicker, watch this clear example of failed parenting. If your child grows to adulthood and thinks THIS is a good idea – you’ve failed, irreparably. (You really have to watch the video for the full cringe).

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – 10,000 Days Later
The Hardball Times has a piece from Sunday about the ‘day-versary’ of Ferris Bueller’s day off. In other words, someone (presumably from their mother’s basement) used game action to discern the exact date of live shots from John Hughes’ cult classic. After determining said date to be June 5, 1985 (by the Gregorian calendar), conventional annual celebrations were eschewed in favor of a significant number of days; in this case 10,000. If this is starting to sound like a contrived secondary plot for a hipster movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, then you too can be a Hollywood writer. How many of you will spend the rest of the day planning a big celebration for your 25,000 day of life? Me neither.

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