The Cards Won’t Die
After once again being left for dead, the Cardinals improbably struggled back and won a game they had no business winning. I think it’s worth noting that this team lost the game’s best player, arguably the game’s best manager and they soldier on as if none of it matters. Anyone who doesn’t believe ultimate winning is due in large part to winning the game mentally, look to the Cards to set your thinking straight. This team didn’t belong here last year, they belong here even less THIS year, and yet they’re 3 wins from the World Series against a team that can’t hit. I have a feeling we’re all about to become Tiger fans…

Jeter Out, Tigers Halfway Home
Famous tough guy, Derek Jeter, stumbled to pick up a routine groundball in the 12th inning on Saturday night. He came away with the most innocent looking broken ankle you’ll ever see. The media has spent the hours since then in a tailspin, even Joe Girardi remarked that he’s never seen an athlete’s injury so deeply affect the mood of the media. On the gruesome scale this was NOT Joe Theismann’s knee; it was the polar opposite. I’m not a huge fan of how Jeter is covered by the media to begin with, so watching them embarrass themselves by fawning all over him has been hysterically enjoyable. ‘Derek Jeter, irreplaceable in every way.’ To listen to some of them, it’s as if a member of their family died (although I’m not sure a death in the family would depress them quite as much). Anyway, the Yankees season IS dead. Down 0-2, having lost both at home, and yet to face Verlander (whom they’d see twice in a 7-game series). Finished.

Felix Baumgartner Flies
He’d been forced to reschedule numerous times, finally daredevil Felix Baumgartner was able to jump from more than 24 miles above the surface of the earth. The freefall lasted an incredible 4 minutes and 19 seconds and his top speed was mach 1.24 (that’s 833.9 mph), making him the first man to go supersonic without any aid – other than his jumpsuit. To call it skydiving is a gross understatement, but since that’s the only frame of reference I have any personal experience with, let’s just say I’m jealous. It looked incredible.

Jay-Z Fans Lash Out At Preferential Treatment For Streisand
Clearly Jay’s fans have never been to a Streisand concert. I imagine with all the metal hips, knees, and plates in the head found at a Streisand concert, it would be physically impossible to put all of those people through a metal detector.

‘I had to eat a piece of my friend to survive. It was repugnant.’
Forty years ago, on October 13, 1972 a rugby team from Uruguay crashed in the Andes. If you’ve seen the movie ‘Alive’ you know the rest; some of them died, the others cannibalized the dead in order to survive a bone-chilling 72 days in the snow almost 12,000 feet up. They played a rugby match this weekend in Santiago, Chile (the site of the original match, to which the fateful flight was headed) to commemorate the event, because that’s something I’m sure they all forgot!

Packers Update: Green Bay remembered to play both halves on Sunday night. After getting up big again early, the Texans made the mistake of getting back in the game BEFORE halftime; the Packers came out of the break and put the hurt on what most considered to be the NFL’s best team. Discount double check!

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