Livin’ On The Edge  Both playoff teams facing elimination won on Tuesday night. The Giants beat the Reds 2-1 on the road, and the A’s fought off the Tigers 2-0 at home. I didn’t see much of either game, but I turned on the Tigers-A’s game just in time to see Coco Crisp rob Prince Fielder of guaranteed extra bases, and possibly a home run. Both teams will try to stave off elimination again today, with a full slate of playoff games starting this afternoon.

In The Jailhouse Now  Jerry Sandusky was sentenced to no less than thirty years Tuesday–effectively a life sentence. Several of his victims were in court and many gave statements prior to his sentencing. Sandusky also gave a rambling, defensive statement during the proceedings–a statement that prosecutor Joe McGettigan called “a masterpiece of banal self-delusion — entirely self-focused as if he himself were the victim. It was, in a word, ridiculous.” While Sandusky’s punishment doesn’t undo any of his crimes, it represents a potential turning point for his victims, the Penn State football program and their fans, and the university.

“C” is for Cookie Campaign  Sesame Street would like to remind President Obama’s advertising team that even political footballs aren’t made out of eight feet tall yellow birds.

Free Fallin’  Felix Baumgartner is a BASE jumper. Maybe the BASE jumper. Tuesday he was scheduled to ride to twenty-three miles above the surface of the earth in a capsule attached to a weather balloon and jump out, opening his parachute twenty-two miles and four world records later. Weather conditions on the ground (?) preempted this astounding feat, but the Red Bull Supersonic Stratos Space Jump has been rescheduled for Thursday. (On a side note, I’ve never tasted a drop of Red Bull, but I’m glad that someone out there is drinking crates of the stuff, if only because it allows Red Bull to sponsor crazy events like this, Soapbox Races, and the Flugtag.)

Windy  Sometimes headlines tell you everything you need to know. Teasing Over Flatulence Leads to Deadly Fight.

Turning Japanese  Two words: Samurai swimming.

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