Yay Politics!

We’ll start off the day with the token political jargon. I’m not much of a political guy, mostly because I haven’t found a presidential I support since I was old enough to vote. I am a registered independent for this reason and my political talk is usually reserved for “harassing” my friends who are too one way or another. Anyway, I found this series of articles on CNN.com about the undecided voters for the 2012 election to be interesting. Agree or disagree, the points and subjects in the article are intriguing to say the least.

Playoffs in Camden Yards

The Orioles logic-defying 2012 run into the playoffs has been one of the more fun stories this year. I remember back in June that MLB Trade Rumors posted a poll asking which surprise team would likely make the playoffs. Without really thinking about it I clicked on the Orioles, for no reason other then they were having a run that I wish the young Cubs could have. Buck Showalter has managed a hodgepodge roster incredibly and although I know they won’t likely be in the playoffs much longer, they have my playoff allegiance.

After dismantling the Rangers in the new “Angry Jedi” one game series, the O’s have split with the Yankees in Baltimore. I stayed up to watch Sunday’s game before Jim Johnson threw away the game. On Monday night Johnson redeemed himself with a solid ninth inning to preserve the 3-2 win. With the victory the Orioles improve to 30-9 in one-run games and 76-0 (craziness) in games where they lead after the 7th inning, according to the Baltimore Orioles twitter page.

Don’t Eat Cockroaches

I’m not sure why anyone would do this, but it happened over the weekend in Florida (shocking I know). A man entered a cockroach eating contest to win a prize everyone dreams about, a playful python. After winning the contest and in turn the python, he posted pictures of his winnings on his Facebook page to show off his newest addition to the family. Unfortunately for him the victory was short lived. Shortly after winning, he started vomiting and later died from what is assumed to be consumption of the roaches. Don’t believe me? Read here.

Tebow Time?

Sorry J-swan. I’m not sure either Jets quarterback can throw a football. This story already had legs, but the circus is about to make baseball playoff coverage almost irrelevant on the Worldwide Leader. Get ready for Tebow-mania to come back into focus.

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