Baseball Playoffs: So let me see if I understand this correctly. The new format was supposed to give added weight to winning your division. The A’s won their division, and find themselves playing their first home game under the threat of elimination. That, of course, makes sense because they finished with the AL’s second best record and a full 6 games better than the Tigers. Then you have the Braves, who also finished a full 6 games ahead of the Cardinals – the team which eliminated them from the single wild card format on the last day of the season last year – and were rewarded with a single, horribly officiated game on their home turf. Because, ya know, baseball is so well-known for their one game series’. But the real icing on MLB’s playoff cake is the atrocious scheduling that pitted all remaining playoff teams in a day-long quadruple header…except that the day was Sunday and the NFL has a full head of steam, so no one was watching baseball. Look, if the President of the United States has to ask Roger Goddell to move the first NFL game of the season so as not to conflict with his DNC acceptance speech, Montgomery Burns Bud Selig might want to think twice about the wisdom of setting up a marquee slate of playoff games on Sunday.

Super League Rugby: Speaking of football, the closest thing to the NFL that I’ve ever seen is Rugby League. Not Rugby Union mind you, Rugby League. For a number of reasons I was sucked into Rugby League about 5 years ago, specifically the Super League predominantly stationed in England. On Saturday, the Super League held their Grand Final (effectively the Super Bowl). The Leeds Rhinos were victorious over the Warrington Wolves. Why am I telling you this? Because Kevin Sinfield, captain for Leeds, was knocked out cold near the start of the second half. They stopped play, he regained consciousness, and continued playing – immediately. But that wasn’t even the most painful injury of the match. This was. Playing 40 minutes in THAT condition demands respect. I cannot imagine the pain. Here are the match highlights if you’re interested, neither injury is included.

Political Ads: In the next month, and depending what state you live in, you’ll be bombarded with a myriad of political ads. I have seen a better ad, one actually worth your time, this video. The short story? A lawyer wanted a commercial that would stand out. His producer and he had ‘creative’ differences as to what that should look like. After chiding his producer, they seemed to grow further apart ‘creatively.’ Enjoy (and thank Jeremiah, he’s the one that brought it to my attention).

NFL: Just thought I’d mention, for all you Packer fans, your team is wildly overrated. They haven’t played convincingly in a single game. Their defense (especially the secondary) is a joke; and Aaron Rodgers is incredibly overrated.

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