Well, the off-season is upon us. Raise your hand if you’re as apathetic about this team as I am. Wait, put your hands down, that’s too many to count. In case you were wondering, we missed the recap for the final game of the season. I was scheduled to write that and had the perfect headline for it: “Cubs Walk Off Into the Off-Season”. It was perfect. The only problem? I didn’t watch the game and didn’t want to pretend that I did. Instead, let’s just put the season behind us and move on. After all, it’s gonna get better. I promise.

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The Season in an Emotional Nutshell – When opening day arrived, as is the case every year, something inside of me said that maybe this team could finish .500 and, given the weak division, compete for a playoff spot. I went into it telling myself that no matter what happened, I would enjoy the year and watch the rebuilding take place, looking for positives in development and not at win loss record. April, May, June all passed and my plan was going swimmingly. I watched Chris Volstad and looked for positives. I had fun dreaming of a Tony Campana / Katie Cernek wedding in which I’d potentially be invited to. Then came July, the month that would be the first major step in rebuilding for the future with the assets we had in the present. Needless to say, the trade deadline was a bit of a tease and left me a little hot and bothered with no outlet for it. It was at that point, my interest in the season took a detour. I quit watching full games in the month of August and can honestly say that I didn’t watch a full inning of live baseball in the month of September. That said, I’m ready to go. I’m ready for the off-season and for the rebuilding. Let’s get to it.

The Triple Crown – I’m torn on how to feel about this triple crown stuff. I think it’s really cool that Miguel Cabrera is the first player to do it in my lifetime, but find myself asking what does it really mean? When you look at it, we’re applauding leading the lead in a stat that doesn’t really measure accurately how good a hitter is as well as other metrics do as well as a stat that is entirely contingent on other people being on base ahead of you. The only stat of the three that mean anything to me is the home run. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for an epic Norm vs. Jedi XVII battle. I don’t care that much about it. I just want to know how to feel about this.

Adam Greenberg – This one, like the triple crown debate, has been running through my head for a few days now. In case you just crawled out from under your rock, Greenberg was granted an at bat by the Marlins on Tuesday to give him the Major League at bat that was “stolen” from him when he was hit in the head his only time up to the plate. What’s the point? I think it’s stupid. He earned his shot when he was given it. He got hit in the head and it ended his career. It sucks, but that’s how life goes sometime. What does a token at bat really do? If anything, it cheapens it a little and I would say shame on Greenberg for accepting or even wanting it. Did striking out against R.A. Dickey suddenly quench a thirst that was haunting him? Does he now say to himself “Alright, now I’m good. Now I can forget what might have been.” Heck no, and if it does make him feel that way, he’s an idiot. Life happens and it doesn’t always make sense. It’s not supposed to. People go through hard times in life. Maybe I’m old school, but stuff like this cheapens the game and I’m glad the Cubs chose not to participate. I wish Adam all the best in life, but I’m sorry, this wasn’t for me.

Joe’s iPod Song of the Day

Keeping with the grumpy old cermudgen theme I seem to have brought to the headlines, we’ll spin a downcast Johnny Cash to get you pumped for the rest of the day. Bah Humbug everyone. Enjoy your weekend.

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