Astros 3 @ Cubs 0

Box Score / Highlights

In retrospect, maybe losing 100 games doesn’t mean that much to the Cubs. They sure played like it didn’t matter Monday night. It was another frustration-filled evening in which the offense flat-lined and the pitching betrayed us. No one who has watched them this season can be surprised at how they lost this game.

What did surprise me was how little effort they seemed to put into the loss. Most of the Cubs’ hitters had extraordinarily deep and wide strike zones tonight. Check that–swing zones. Plate discipline was not in season, as at least a couple hitters expanded their zones to roughly the size of a Smart Car. And when they only managed to put three runners on all night (the first two reached in the first inning), it was not a night to swing early and swing often.

So when you tune in to tomorrow night’s game (assuming, of course, that you’re either tied to a chair and forced to watch or incapable of finding something less painful to do), something will happen that hasn’t occurred in roughly 50 years–two 100-loss teams will face off. Will the Cubs continue to slink into the offseason, or will they muster some kind of fight to close out the year?

If you decide to watch the game, let me know how it turns out.

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