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September 29, 2012

Game 157: Pitching Stung In The Desert

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Cubs 3 @ Diamondbacks 8

Box Score / Highlights / Condensed Game

Alfonso Soriano
The resurgent Soriano walked not once, not twice, but three times against Arizona on Friday night. THRICE! Just how rare is that for Soriano? He’s done it only 4 other times in his career – but two of those four times, he received intentional passes to record two of his three walks. Tonight, no intentional passes, just superhuman plate discipline.

Darwin Barney
Carrie MuskRat had the remarkable stupidity to celebrate Darwin Barney’s errorless streak in this column on Friday. Barney entered the day tied with Placido Polanco for consecutive errorless games in a season at 141. So naturally Barney committed a throwing error on Friday night. It came on a very difficult play with Justin Upton running. The only way Barney gets an out is by throwing the ball off balance as he did, but that made it hard for Rizzo to handle and it skipped past him. Tough break for Barney…and in the 8th inning no less.

The current pitching staff is deplorable. Of the guys we regularly use, only Camp, Marmol, and Russell have sub-4.00 ERA. Three of our current starters have horrible 6.00+ ERAs. One of the best pitchers currently being trotted out was Friday’s starter, Travis Wood. He got shelled, by a very pedestrian .500 team. I’m not sure the Yankees’ infamous Murderer’s Row could win games with this crappy staff.

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  • Ellentim

    Agree on ALL counts. I was hoping to elude 100 L’s. Wishful thinking. Feel bad for Barney. Hope he still gets the Gold Glove at least…  

  • Timothy Scarbrough

    I’m not sure if Soriano showed superhuman plate discipline, but rather just Superfonso plate discipline.

  • Cubs Future

    Did you mean Superfonzi or Superfozzie or just Superfonso?  Fonzi was cool and a leader for the younger generation and fozzie is a legend in bear comedy.  Okay you probably meant Superfonso, doesn’t have the same ring to it, but I guess it will do for him since the others are taken.

  • Doug S.

    Soriano?…..3 walks?…..none intentional?…..I’ll wait for the negative test results before giving kudos.

  • Josephine

    So Barney’s errorless streak is over.  Sad; now I can only look forward to spring training and therefore Shark pitching again.

  • Eddie Von White

    Rizzo should have made the play.

  • Doc Raker

    Rizzo should have made the play, a 1b man needs to dig that. It was also very close to being an infield hit, not sure if he was out if Rizzo digs it.

  • Jedi

    I think he’s out if Rizzo digs it.  But they gave Upton an infield single, the error was what allowed the run to score.

  • Jedi

    To me, this typifies the double standard between how Castro is perceived and Barney is perceived.  If both guys made that same play, some of you (and not saying you’re part of this EVW) that harp on Castro would be saying – ‘that’s a crappy throw, can’t be expecting your 1B to bail you out everytime.’  But Barney makes what was really a horrendous throw, and somehow the problem is that Rizzo didn’t make the play.  The only thing I thought Rizzo did wrong was to NOT come off the bag.  Highly unlikely that he digs it AND stays on the bag…I’d prefer to have seen him get in front of it and think about protecting that run.  But Barney’s throw was garbage – a rainbow that was tailing bounced short of the bag.  Barney’s a great defender, no need to try and find fault for his bad defensive plays somewhere else.


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