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September 27, 2012

Game 155: 100 “L”s Loom on the Horizon

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Box Score / Highlights

Cubs 0 @ Rockies 6

Usually when I write a recap, I like to divide it into good/bad/ugly sections, trying to find a glimmer of hope amongst the dingy, less than lovely baseball that the Cubs have been bringing to the table lately.

With 96 losses on the season, it’s hard to believe that people still watch games, read blogs, and tweet about this team with such enthusiasm! Some of it is sarcasm, but it is enthusiastic nonetheless.

Now, with the hope of a top first-round pick, losing 6-0 in a rain-delayed game at Coors Field seems like a decent strategy. Unfortunately for the commentators that have had to broadcast most of these redundant games, they have run out of material to discuss. Even the team’s reporters are having a hard time finding content for their writing!

The Cubs squeaked out 5 hits tonight. Zero runs. An error. Mather got thrown out at third to prevent Sappelt from scoring. Joe, the man who has become the object of many a fans’ ire, added more fuel to their fires with that boneheaded play.

Playing to lose is tough to swallow. Even if it means getting a high draft pick, it is such an unknown whether the pick will be successful or not. I think it is a bit foolish to play to lose, but when you’re 4 losses away from 100 losses, at least playing to lose is playing for something, right?

To close with a high note, Soriano did flash some leather out there in left field. He made a slightly awkward sliding catch to rob Colvin hit number 3 on the evening. Darwin Barney is also 2 games away from owning the errorless streak record.

On another high note, Ed Hochuli will be donning the zebras this weekend.

Closing Questions:

With Darwin and Brandon Phillips in the running for the Gold Glove, who do you think will win? Obviously, we want Barney to win, but does he make big enough plays to garner the votes he needs?

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Katie Cernek is a regular contributor to VFTB. She grew up as a Cubs fan in rural Wisconsin and fondly remembers hearing stories of Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams, Ernie Banks, and Ron Santo. You can find Katie on Twitter @heyitskatiec

  • Buddy

    It’s not easy to get shutout in Colorado, but the Cubs found a way. 

  • Doug S.

    I see Volstad is starting today. Did you know the Cubs have won the game the last 3 times he’s started? Yeah, I know. What does that mean today…

    Figures. Only way my Jets had a shot of beating a PO-d Niner team this weekend was with replacement refs.

  • Cubs Future

    I have faith in management to make the best probability (nobody is ever for sure as can get hurt etc) for their draft pick where ever they draft.  From what I have been reading, Darwin is basically a lock at the moment for winning.  He got lucky to have a call reversed and one that should have been an error, but nobody can argue with that streak.  He may not have the style points of Phillips, but he has made plenty of great plays and has been as steady as they come this year.  The streak is what gets him the award because if had stretches of say 50, 70, 40 games between errors he doesn’t get the attention even though still good.


    Hideo Nomo threw a no-hitter there before they used the humidor.


    Agreed. Phillips would otherwise win because he hits better and is on a playoff team.

  • Eddie Von White

     Likewise the Seattle Seahawks

  • Eddie Von White

    I think the Cubs will lose 101. I’m still not convinced Sveum is the long-term answer as manager – not that Theo has asked me or anything. Barney should get the Gold Glove because of his consistency, but he is not high profile and loud mouthed like Phillips – which will not work in his favor in this situation. I also like these write-ups everyday. Am not looking forward to the season ending, as dismal as it has been.

  • TheWholeDamnShow

    Adam Greenberg is finally getting his 2nd career MLB at bat. It will happen next Tuesday playing for the Miami Marlins who were allowed to sign him to a one day contract. It would of been really nice to see it happen as a Cub, but at less hw is getting it.


    Our 40-man roster is full. We would have to cut someone and risk losing them over this. MLB should have given us an exemption for the Astros series since it means nothing.

  • Eddie Von White

    And the NFL should give the Packers the win. Ain’t gonna happen.

  • Seymour Butts

    If a golden glove is earned on the field, it’s Barney’s. However, Cincinnati has a history of bloviating second baseman that are given more than they earn. 

  • Christopher Allen

    If Barney doesn’t win (assuming he breaks the record) then the Gold Glove has as much validity as my Little League All Star team voting.  The kids who hung around the park all day (basically, their parents didn’t want to see them all day) got voted as all stars because they were well known.  Phillips is loud and well known, but he hasn’t had the season IN THE FIELD that Barney has had.

    Thanks for the daily writeups, too.  They are a morphine drip to help us through the pain.

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