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  • David DeJesus badly misplayed the first play of the game in center field, which ended up costing the Cubs a run. He wasn’t charged an error, though, because…..welll…..outfielders are never charged with errors when they misplay a ball (Alfonso Sorianowould prove this theory again in the 5th when he took a bad route and took himself out of a position to make the play and didn’t receive an error). He went back on the ball initially, which surprised me because it was a sinking line drive, and then came in too late and attempted a diving catch to no avail. I note this, but overall, I like the fact that DeJesus has been on this team. I just don’t know if he brings the type of production a competitive team needs from a starter. If we had good power coming from the corners, then maybe.
  • I didn’t thinkChris Volstadwas terrible. Don’t take that as an admission that I like him or anything. I consider him a #5 starter and the outing we got from him is about what you can expect from a back of the rotation guy. Were it not for the misplay in the 1st, he would have left the game after five and allowed just two runs. That’s not terrible. What I found interesting was his lefty / righty splits. Typically you tend to be a lot more dominant against hitters who are the same hand as you. For Volstad, it’s the opposite. Righties are hitting over .300 against him while the lefties are in the .280’s. Both are bad, but I found it curious.
  • Since I’ve not watched many full games in awhile, this is the first I’ve seen of Miguel Socolovich since we acquired him. Looking at his numbers, he’s not been impressive. I did like the movement I saw on his pitches, especially on the strikeout of Daniel Descalso. The pitch just completely fell off the table.
  • A big two out rally in the 9th after DeJesus singled to leadoff the inning and then Darwin Barney went deep to tie it up. Admit it, you had to read that sentence twice to make sure you read the name right.
  • Nothing better than seeing a bunch of Cubs run out on the field after a walkoff single in the bottom of the 11th. Call me an old curmudgeon, but I just never see how players cannot be embarrassed to celebrate like that when the team is so bad. I understand it’s fun to win, but it’s embarrassing to see them doing that and hearing the stupid “Go Cubs Go” song in the background and then looking at the standings and wonder if we’ll lose 100 games. Ah, maybe I’m just ready for the season to be over. Carry on with what you’re doing. I guess it is fun to play the spoiler a little and try to keep St. Louis from the postseason.
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