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September 18, 2012

Enjoy it While it Lasts

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by Matt Eurich

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are turning colors, and football season is in full swing, unfortunately though, that can only mean one thing; baseball season is all but over.

When a team like the Cubs have struggled all season long, for many fans the fall has become a welcomed sight. No longer are day games and blowouts the only sports options to watch on TV. Saturdays bring a bevy of college football games and Sundays are filled football pregame shows, the early games, postgame shows, the late afternoon games, more postgame shows, a Sunday night football game, and to top it off, Mondays are spent completely dissecting what happened over the weekend as well as hyping up the Monday Night Football matchup.

It is easy this time of year to stray away from our love of baseball because of the daily force feeding of the NFL and college football. We become less and less likely to watch the highlights of a Cubs vs. Reds game in favor of watching a show that will tell us how to improve our fantasy football chances for the week.

Before we give up completely and turn our focus to other sports, remember that baseball will not return until next April. Sure, we’ll have the tease of pitchers and catchers reporting in February and Spring Training beginning in March, but nearly six month will go by without the chance to watch a game on TV or inside the friendly confines. If you consider just how cold it can be in April and early May, it may be close to eight months until it is pleasant enough to sit in the stands without freezing.

Nine of the 15 remaining games for the Cubs this season are at home, with plenty of tickets still available for matchups with the Reds and Cardinals this week as well as for the final series of the year against the Astros during the first week of October. This time of year boasts some of the best weather for an afternoon baseball game and night games give you the opportunity to bundle up in your favorite Cubs jacket or hoodie.

In a 162-game season it is easy to stray away from a team that is playing poorly. Players like Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, and Jeff Samardzija have given us hope for the future and reasons to keep watching but ultimately we all stray.

In these final 15 games, make a point to check-in and catch a little more of the game than you normally do. Marvel at the beauty of a clear blue sky during an afternoon game as it paints the perfect backdrop to one of the games most beautiful stadiums. Embrace Cubs culture and sing a long with the seventh inning stretch and try to make it to Wrigley Field for one last glimpse of the 2012 season, because before you know it, we will all be counting down the days until that Spring Training opener in March.

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    We’ll have the World Baseball Classic to get through March


    And don’t remind me about the cold! The first day that I have to break out the pants, see frost on my car, or see snow on the ground, I am going to be cursing and wishing I was back in Florida. I WANT TO GO BACK TO FLORIDA!!!!!!

  • Eddie Von White

    Very good report, Matt. And yes, September has always been the worst month of the year dating back to my first day of school in first grade – (I skipped kindergarten) another September brings another end of a Cubs season – and that makes me sad.

  • Matt Eurich

     Thanks, Eddie.  Regardless of the standings, it is always sad to know that baseball is coming to an end, but there is always next year!

  • Matt Eurich

     I wish I was in Florida too!  The end of baseball just means all of the bad weather is coming our way – here’s to hoping for a mild winter!

  • jswanson

    We who care little about football will be cracking the same jokes about porn pirates and light hitting outfielders for a few months, then talking about Randy’s camp for a while, then things get real again.  It goes pretty quickly.  


    I don’t believe you’re a regular here, I just finished an internship there, and I want to go back

  • Buddy

    Only two more weeks of crappy musical commentary by Len and Bob. Only two more weeks of 7th inning stretch performances by the guy who played Mr. Belding on Saved by the Bell and the a bench warmer from the 1998 Chicago Bulls. Only two more weeks of Carlos Marmol walking every other hitter. 

  • Cubs Future

    All the comments about Darwin’s offense has sparked him as had mentioned he works hard on it, not just his defense (132 and counting although a lucky break (reverse call) and a bad call that should have ended the streak).  Last 10 games 14 for 36 with 6 walks.  2 for 3 so far tonight.  .268 BA and getting closer to respectable.  Not to mention a .315 OBP.  Remember when Castro and him were pushing the .300 mark (downward way)?


    iPod Alert: Svuem says Barney is a core player for the long-term future bc of his defense

  • Doug S.

    Even though I bitch about it I cherish Cubs baseball. Because once its gone all I really have is Jets football. And this year, Rex’s Ringling Sideshow will have me yearning for Cubs baseball earlier than usual.

  • Jerry in Wisconsin

    After 4 years in Florida, I am glad to be back in the Midwest.  But I will admit a couple of weeks in mid-winter does make me think of Florida a little.

  • Seymour Butts

    4 months to fantasy camp, can’t wait. About a month until I start hitting baseballs again (it’s been softballs all summer). More VTFBr’s need to consider the trip.


    Why are you glad to be back in the midwest? While I was on my internship I missed home, but I figure I can get it out of me forever over the next 18 months while I am back home.

  • Eddie Von White

    I always say, it doesn’t matter where you live, “home” is where your stuff is.

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