Cubs 0 @ Astros 1

Box Score / Highlights / Condensed Game

I’m eschewing my traditional “Good, Bad, Ugly” format tonight because, honestly, there wasn’t really enough going on in this game to fill out such a template. The Cubs and Astros played a second straight snorefest, as the second worst team in baseball fell to the worst team, 1-0. Thankfully this game was televised, otherwise we would have no evidence that a game actually occurred as no one bothered to show up to watch it…as a marketing director for a major professional sports team, these types of games are what my nightmares are made of. No one wants Darren Rovell tweeting photos of your team’s home game attendance (or lack thereof).

One of the most amazing things to me about this game was that it took three hours and eleven minutes to play a 1-0 game, a game that featured just 10 combined hits and a grand total of two scoring opportunities (the one on which the Astros scored in the fourth and then two innings later, when the Cubs managed two hits in one inning – the only time that occurred all game). You would think a game like this would be over in two hours, but much like Monday night, the misery just continued to drag on.

Cubs starter Justin Germano certainly pitched well enough to earn the Cubs their fifth straight win, throwing five innings while striking out eight and allowing just three hits. An unearned run in the fourth, however, was more than enough for the Astros to bring the series even.

Despite the lack of action, the game wasn’t completely devoid of intense moments. As the season winds down, the biggest fear I have is that something tragic will happen to one of the young players to whom we are pinning our hopes of the future. The last thing you want to see when suffering through a rebuild is to see one of those cornerstones sidelined in a meaningless game…so when Anthony Rizzo went down in a heap in the third inning, my heart dropped to my stomach.

Rizzo was hustling down the line trying to beat out a grounder to second and took a nasty spill when he collided with a jumping Astros first baseman Brett Wallace. I was certain that he had broken his wrist (a la Derrek Lee) or had gotten a career ending concussion as his head bounced off his helmet. He left the game after the play, but luckily reports were positive and it sounds like he checked out fine, aside from some bumps and bruises.

The magic number for 100 losses remains at eight.

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