It’s a lazy labor day, which actually kind of sounds like an oxymoron, so instead of the heavy three post schedule we usually run, we’re just going with two today. Apologies for missing  a game recap for Saturday’s game. That was my fault for not having it covered. We’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again. In the meantime, let’s talk about the goings on in the news.

Top Stories

The Cubs Could Lose 100 Games – We’re at a pace right now to go 62-100. Even though it’s just a number and completely abitrary, there is something embarrassing about reaching the triple-digit mark. I know it helps our draft position, but if there is a way to be in the same spot and lose just 99, I’d prefer that route.

Steven Strasburg is Dangerously Close to His Innings Limit – A six inning performance against the Cardinals on Sunday put him just over 156 for the season. The Nationals haven’t really come out with a hard and fast number on when they’ll shut him down, but at this point, it’s got to be growing more frustrating to the fans as it’s pretty clear they will be in the playoffs come October. I know it’s about preserving him for the future, for what could be a hall of fame career, but at what point do you consider the fact that you’ve not really established the market yet in Washington and the fact that the last time the franchise was relevant was 1994 when the Expos lost the end of their season due to the strike? I think you need to go for it here. That’s not to say you have to ride Strasburg like a rented mule, but limit him to a five inning start. At this point, the rosters have expanded so you can put the load on the bullpen. You can also go with a staggered start schedule as well, skipping a start or two down the stretch for him. It can definitely work and based on the fact that there is no guarantee you’ll ever be back in the position to win again, I think you have to go for it.

Will Chipper Jones Really Retire? – He’s played his entire career in an Atlanta Braves uniform, all but two of them managed under Bobby Cox. Atlanta is all he’s ever known. He’s said before the start of the year that this will be his last season and has then proceeded to post some great numbers at the age of 40 as a part time guy. At this point, I don’t think the Braves are interested in bringing him back for another year, which would be sad if he changed his mind. The DH would seem to be the best spot for him so a move to the AL would be needed. I just wonder if he’d answer the call this off-season if someone like the Yankees dialed his number.

Entertainment Section

I really hate the version of this song by Rihanna, but I really dig on the cover done by one of my favorite bands, Train. Give it a listen and see what you think.

Joe’s Big Dumb Question of the Day

I think I’ve asked this question before, but we’ve got so many new readers that I thought I’d ask it again.

Q: If you were able to have an unlimited sauce supply that dispenses from each of the fingers / thumb on your right hand, which would you choose? Keep in mind that you are not ever able to use another condiment other than what can be dispensed from your hand.

I put a lot of thought into this one for myself and came up with the following:

  • Honey – I love dipping my chicken nuggets and chicken strips in honey and couldn’t live without the occasional peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich, so pure local honey would have to make the list for me.
  • Hot Sauce – It doesn’t have to be any brand specific, but just a good buffalo sauce that I can put on a lot of foods to spicy them up a little.
  • Parmesan Garlic Sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings – I could drink this stuff. It’s great on wings and tremendous on a sandwich. It’s also surprisingly cheap to buy from the restaurant.
  • Mayonnaise – I don’t really like the stuff for anything other than tuna. So, with that in mind, I have to add it to the list because I love tuna sandwiches.
  • Dill Relish – I figure I can do without the mustard when I have a hotdog and instead substitute the hot sauce, but I can’t do without the relish. I would normally use sweet relish, but since I’m limited on the number of items, I went with dill since it can also go on hamburgers as well.

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