Brewers 4 Cubs 1

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I originally intended to post this first thing but my dog was sprayed by a skunk this morning in the wee hours and the day sort of unraveled from there.  My apologies to all the faithful readers.

This game, as has been the case with many Cubs games of late, was less than entertaining.   It was the annual “Len and Bob hang out in the bleachers with the common folk”  game, and that was the extent of the entertainment.  Bob marveled at the Budweiser bottom filling beer tap contraption and Len bantered about the beauty of sitting in the bleachers.  All in all, it was the usual shtick in a slightly different setting, with the word Budweiser thrown in about 50 times per inning.  The sponsor got there moneys worth last night.  The bleachers were very empty as were the terrace seats and, well, most of the ballpark.  Here is some of the good and bad those in attendance and watching at home were able to witness….

The Good:

  • Travis Wood was okay on the mount last night.  He went seven innings and gave up five hits and three runs.  
  • Travis Wood was good at the plate last night.  He hit a homerun, his first in a Cub uniform.
  • The cameramen were especially cognizant of the attractive ladies in the stands for this game.  It seemed that every time they broke for a little tour of the ballpark or bleachers (happened a lot considering last nights broadcast from the bleachers) they managed to fill the screen with busty women.   
  • Luis Valbuena is trying his hardest to keep a job… least defensively.  He made two diving stabs down the line and threw both runners out. 

The Bad:

  • Rizzo struck out three times and looks to be struggling with the slow off speed stuff lately. 
  • The only runs Travis Wood gave up came off a three run bomb by none other than Jeff Bianchi.  Who? Oh yah him, of the baseball Bianchi’s!
  • The Cubs struck out 11 times last night.  Len rattled off a stat in the ninth regarding Cub strikeout totals against the Brewers this year.  It was something like 62 strikeouts in five games.  Somebody please tell me that is wrong.
  • The cubs have dropped 12 of 15 to the Brewers this year.  The Cubs still lead the all-time series 117-116 though, so we have that going for us. 

Watching the Cubs right now is a lot like watching spring training.  It seems like everybody is working on something.  Half the batters that stepped up to the plate last night came with the cavaet from Bob that they were working on something or making adjustments.  Such is life when you have a team full of youngsters. 

That’s about all I have for this gem.  Now, off to figure out how to get that damn skunk smell out of my nose, clothes, and house.

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