It’s harder and hard to watch this team, which is why I’ve not been watching much. I tend to watch a few innings and then get my fill with the condensed game. I figure if I have to watch a loss, might as well get it over in 10-15 minutes instead of three hours. That said, I’m always someone who has an opinion. Here are some random nuggets making their way around the inside of my brain.

  • Josh Vitters is struggling bad, but I still love him – I openly called for him to be promoted to get an extended look before the end of the season in an effort to see what he had and reduce the amount I have to see Luis Valbuena on the field. Despite his struggles, I still believe it’s the right call. He was playing well this season in AAA and deserved the opportunity when the spot came open to show what he can do. At this point, it’s hard to watch him struggle, but I think the experience will be good for him. I don’t want to see him sitting on the bench. I want him in their on a daily basis. No more Valbuena.
  • I’m standing by my Volstad prediction – I wrote the other day that I felt that Chris Volstad would get at least two wins before the end of the season. That is not meant to infer that I believe wins for a pitcher are an appropriate metric for measuring success, but rather a commentary on the fact that I think he’s pitching better than he was earlier this season and even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. He didn’t get the win in the game on Sunday, but it’s coming. Trust me.
  • I’m in favor of the deal for Castro – If you missed it over the weekend, it’s leaked that the Cubs and Starlin Castro are putting the finishing touches on a deal that will buy out all of his arbitration years, he’s a super-two, and at least two of his first free agency eligible seasons. The deal is rumored to be approximately $60 million, which when you factor his age and potential, seems like a steal of a deal for the Cubs. The only worry by some is that he will get the money, which is guaranteed, and simply stop trying to get better. As long as the deal does not include a full no-trade clause, as was the norm in the Jim Hendry era, I don’t think you need to worry about the development. I trust that Theo and Jed believe he can continue to develop and improve. He’s not really the prototype of the player they typically crave, so the fact that they’re willing to invest in him says something about the trust they have in him.
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