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I came into this season knowing it was going to be a year of struggle and development and at times not very fun to watch. Convincing the readers that they should not only continue to read, but continue to watch has been a struggle. I can understand when you don’t want to watch this team, but I would encourage you to stick it out. It will get better, just not this year. I think the biggest issue we’re facing right now is that losing breads losing. Trading Dempster and Maholm along with losing Garza has essentially taken the air out of the sails for a team that was starting to play well as a team and has left them with a team that is young, inexperienced in key areas, and just very good right now.

If you’re looking for specifics about the game, there are only a few:

  • Chris Volstad was….eh. He wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t good enough to make it past five innings, which surprises me because when you look at the ERA’s of the pitchers we tossed out there, maybe we would have been better leaving Volstad out there.
  • Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters continue to struggle at the plate, but Vitters did make a really nice diving play and throw to first early in the game.
  • Is it possible we finish the year with no hitters over .300? I think it may be, including Rizzo.
  • Believe it or not, we can still win this series with a win today.

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