The story never changes from day to day. As much as these results were to be expected after the mass pitching exodus on the 31st of July, the Cubs have fallen a notch below unwatchable.

The kids weren’t supposed to carry the team to victory for the rest of the season, but they were supposed to give us something to watch and ponder leading into the off-season. The “tryouts” were supposed to give us flashes of the future, but instead have made lame mascots dancing in low level minor league stadiums a more interesting watch.

I won’t spend much time with the doom and gloom, because despite having to recap another wrong side of a shutout I do believe the future of the organization is a bright one. These first few games of the “new era” will eventually be forgotten once the team begins to compete for both a divisional and National League crown. However, I always have held the belief that professional teams who charge money to see their product should at least have a product that’s somewhat worth paying for. Right now, rebuild or not, this isn’t even close to the case.

The recaps from here on out aren’t going to have much to say, because there isn’t much to analyze on the field that warrants in-depth analysis. Maybe we’ll get lucky and win a game or two a week for the remainder of the season, but the odds of the hapless Astros catching us before the end of the season isn’t as much a crazy idea as it was before the trade deadline.

The Cubs were shutout for the third time in a week in a game where our AA pitching staff performed admirably well against one of the best offenses in the league. Only a few days after being embarrassed in his first big league start, Brooks Raley gave up three runs on five hits in six innings pitched. There is only so much you can ask from a guy that won’t be anything more than a spot starter for the remainder of his career. The team hasn’t put together a complete game effort from all aspects of the game since their July streak and likely won’t for the remainder of the year. Even wins will have their negative plays worth griping about.

As for the positives of today’s game?

I had a rough night of sleep last night and the game was a perfect remedy. Fell asleep with remote on my chest sometime during the seventh inning. I hope all of you can find some silver linings as well.

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