I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched a Cubs game since the Olympics started, not to mention the recent West Coast games don’t agree with my body clock. Thank goodness for our recappers and commenters here at VFTB who keep me in the loop even when I’m not all here!

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  • Lizard = The best Lizzie.
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As you already know, this is all completely subjective and according to my whims. Let’s go!


  • I’m starting to wonder if we won’t end up trading anyone at all.
  • the last few days have probably cost Dempster any chance he had to come back to the Cubs next year
  • if he’s such an elite defender, there’s no way he’d be so routinely replaced for his defense late in winnable games.
  • GGxM.  Grit + Grind * Moxie.
  • Well Treat my Williams–back-to-back MVLs!
  • Actually, Cubs centerfield is my dream job but Thed haven’t returned my calls.
  • I miss the Cards guest blogger.  He was great.
  • I’m sure Joe Kelly has just fallen victim to the vagaries of line drives.
  • Dear God I hate the Cards.
  • Take a bloody pitch!
  • I attribute this win to the vagaries of a belt-high heater left over the plate when hurled to a raker.
  • Sad to see Johnson go.  He always played hard.
  • How about those 2013 Iowa Cubs?  They’ll be gangbusters…
  • Get your tickets now.
  • A.J. Burnett had my panties in a bunch
  • Looking at the rotation as it stands right now, I see a whole lot of ugly.
  • What sort of player comparisons are we making for Box Ofbaseballs?
  • It wasn’t their best box – expect nothing worse than batting practice quality (i.e. a few battered balls, some balls that grown men will fight over when they find the seats, but most are destined for some weathering and regular fungo use).  It’s really just a lottery ticket, might we find one that someday will be worthy of a signature, or dare I say even game use?  It’s possible, but the BABIP on that particular box is ready to come back to earth.
  • Considering the vagaries of batted balls, there’s no telling what condition they’re in.
  • There isn’t a single Cub left from 2004 season.
  • It is to protect the above average guys that have value and you keep them around then you can’t turn around and dump them off in Cleveland, Detroit or some other place that makes Hell seem inviting.
  • I like the logo on the Indians hats. I doubt if they’ll have those in Hell.
  • You get you choice of headgear as you get processed in. The options are Cavaliers, Browns or Indians. Due to the heat causing excessive wear and tear you get a new hat every 3 months. You also get all the boiling water you can drink and there is a buffet of frogs and locust for you to enjoy.
  • French Polynesian food in Hell?  If I had only learned that in church I would have been on the straight and narrow.
  • I heard that RoLo kid has some good stuff.
  • It is very nice to have people at the helm that 1) know what they are doing and 2) have a plan.
  • Jeff Baker is untouchable…………….oh wait Hendry is gone….never mind.
  • Has Joe Morgan ever passed up an opportunity to laud his own career?
  • I’ve seen Matt Murton naked
  • Wait’ll this offseason…this lousy edition of the Cubs is sure to have the content saltier than usual.
  • I wouldn’t hesitate to go to a Volstad start, except for the price tag associated with the requisite thirty beers.  Might get spendy.
  • Drinks on Raker…word on the street is that he still has Berg’s Visa from Randy’s camp.
  • I am in St Louis right now so as much as I would love to buy over priced beer for allswansons and Lizzie I wont be able to.
  • It’ll be nothing short of a miracle if the cubs don’t get swept in this series.
  • Shark. It’s what’s for dinner.
  • In fact the only real loss might be in the facial hair department–Soto’s goatee and occasional beard contributed mightily to the Cubs’ follicle batting average. They can always find another catcher, but Steve Clevenger’s wispy whiskers can’t match the swarthy majesty of Soto’s ‘stache.
  • He’s no Soto.
  • The untouchable Jeff Baker is a Detroit Tiger
  • In the meantime, I’m enjoying the youth movement
  • One of the best things you can say about Monday night’s game is that it was over quickly
  • At least our bullpen is solid…oh, yeah…
  • HEY! It’s a Carlos-free rotation.


  • Our eyes are not tricking us. We see what we see.

Shout Outs

Congratulations to the following commenters who received their first 2012 Lizzie this week. Thanks for hanging out with us! We’re happy to have you here!

  • Darlin_Starlin
  • Kizzfastfists
  • Randall Pennington

Congratulations to jswanson, the Most Valuable Lizzie’er this time around!

Top 10 of 2012

1. Jeremiah Johnson
2. Doc Raker
3. jswanson
4. Jedi Johnson
5. Seymour Butts
6. cap’n Obvious
7. Buddy
8. Joe Aiello
9. Chuck
10. Chet
10. Eddie von White

Lizzie’s Kitchen

  • Church Pasties (past rhymes with last. Keep your minds out of the gutter!)

Chit Chat

Now that the trade deadline has passed and some of the youngins have been called up, name your three favorite Cubs on the 25-man roster today.

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