Cubs 0 @ Cardinals 7

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The Cubs paid tribute to Ron Santo in this ridiculous/approrpriate (circle one only) way before taking the field against the Cards on Sunday.

In dropping the final game to St. Louis, the Cubs were again surprisingly/as expected the victims of terrible pitching equaled only by terrible hitting.

Travis Wood terrible in the first, and in case anyone had lingering hope/foolishness that the Cubs could get back in it he used the 4th and 5th innings to turn the game into an early blowout.

Knowing that my Pirate-turn-Cardinal fan of a grandfather would be joining us for lunch, I opted out of viewing large sections of this game. There is nothing more soul-crushing/pointless than watching a Cubs blowout with a Cardinals fan.

The Cubs website has this laughable/egregiously optimistic headline for the game summary, “Cubs offense stays stuck in neutral.” Doesn’t a car have to start to be stuck in neutral? The Cubs scored a whopping 1 run in this series. I’m offering up, “Cubs offense pulled e-brake and slammed into a bridge abutment.”

This series has reminded us again just how not competitive/embarrassing the Cubs are on the road. Perhaps the Pirates can fling us a win or two to help boost morale.

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