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Buster Olney had a column on on Sunday taking the stance that the time to deal Ryan Dempster is now. For Dempster, he’s now riding a 33 inning scoreless streak, thanks in part to another six innings on Saturday. Olney hits it right on the head and I couldn’t agree more. To be honest, I’m not sure why Dempster would be here to make his next start. It just doesn’t make sense for Jed and Theo. At this point, they should be on the phone with each of the rumored 10 teams who have interest and ask them what they’re willing to pay. Sell the mess out of the fact that he’s riding a tremendous streak and see what you can get. Every moment we wait is just a chance for his value to decline. It will never be higher than it is at this point right now. The deal needs to happen in the next few days. At that point, it takes a pitcher off the market heading into the deadline and should free up the Cubs to market Matt Garza over the next two weeks. That is basically the crux of Olney’s argument and I think it’s a scenario that should be playing itself out very quickly.Question for Discussion – With Dempster and Garza probably gone before the deadline, who will bring a greater value of prospects in return?

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  • Kerry Wood returned to the clubhouse over the weekend to visit with his teammates and confirmed that retirement was the right decision for him. I’m happy to see he’s comfortable with the decision he made. It was the right one for him. It was important for him to retire as a Cub and not go out with fans showing him the door.
  • Ian Stewart continues to rehab his wrist after having surgery to remove a bone and says there is no hard and fast timetable for return. He’s probably will not play again this season and you have to believe his job may be in jeopardy come spring training 2013 if Josh Vitters continues to show promise at the plate.
  • The Cubs have now won or tied over the last five series, posting a record of four wins and a tie thanks to the series sweep of the Diamondbacks. It’s actually making me wonder if this 1st pick in the draft stuff may be hard to attain.

Inside the Numbers

Coming into Sunday’s game against the Diamondbacks, here is the breakdown on how the Cubs have performed offensively as a team based on the position on the field.

Trivia Time

I am a former 2nd round pick of the White Sox that saw seven plate appearances with the 2003 Cubs and was released shortly after. In nine years of professional baseball, I managed just 174 hits, less than Koyie Hill.

Highlight for hints:

Hint # 1 – I played the same position as Koyie…and about as well.

Hint # 2 – I have two first names, so you probably shouldn’t trust me.

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