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July 15, 2012

Game 88: These Guys Aren’t So ___-ing Bad!

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Diamonbacks 1 @ Cubs 3

Box Score / Highlights / Condensed Game

The Good

  • Early offense: David DeJesus led off the game with a walk and then moved into scoring position on a wild pitch two batters later, exactly the type of start that good teams take advantage of to stake an early lead. The Cubs, who are masquerading as a very good team of late, did just that as Anthony Rizzo knocked him home with a single. Unfortunately, Rizzo killed the chances for a first frame rally by attempting to stretch it to a double and getting thrown out at second. I appreciate his aggressiveness, but (without any statistical proof at all) I feel like I’ve seen Rizzo do this sort of thing too many times in his short career – just a minor complaint about St. Anthony, which may not even be based in fact. Darwin Barney then gave the Cubs all the offense they would need (and indeed would get) in the second inning, as he parked a Trevor Cahill offering in the left field bleachers for a two-run home run that gave them a 3-0 lead.
  • Matt Garza: Seven innings. No runs. Five hits. Seven strikeouts. The Cubs starting pitching has been phenomenal over the past few weeks, and today was no different. If The Theo is planning to flip up to 60% of the starting rotation for prospects in the coming weeks, his starting staff is certainly doing what they can to drive up their value. If there is a complaint, it’s that Garza wasn’t efficient, throwing 108 pitches through seven innings, but that is picking nits at this point.
  • SWEEP!!! The win over the D-Backs gave the Cubs their second sweep in their last four series, including two straight sweeps at Wrigley, where they’ve won eight of nine overall. While still 16 games under .500, there is no doubt that this team is succeeding at keeping this season from being rendered unwatchable. We’ll see how long it takes for them to fall back to Earth, but in the meantime let’s enjoy this run while it lasts and ask questions later.

The Bad

  • Losing the shutout: Shawn Camp gave up what is often described as a meaningless solo home run with two outs in the eighth inning, but with Carlos Marmol waiting to close the door, every run is sacred.

The Cubly

  • After being spotted one out by James Russell, Marmol was tasked with producing two outs to earn his 10th save. He immediately went up 0-2 on Paul Goldschmidt…then walked him. The Marmol sweats then started in earnest when Miguel Montero singled to put the tying run on base. There would be no ninth inning rally for Arizona though, as Marmol wrapped it up by striking out of Geoff Blum and taking a Gerardo Parra liner off the torso before recovering and calming tossing the ball to first for the final out.


Holy Cow…Cubs Win…Cubs Win!

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  • Buddy

    Get those playoff tickets now!

  • Lizzie

    “The Marmol Sweats” Love that, Dustin, you should trademark it. It’s the perfect description for how we ALL feel!

  • bonesinis

    I like the Marmol Runs better. That describe how I feel.


    Marmol aid. Mmmmmmmm…marmalade


    I felt that way when LaToilet was with the team


    Just saw what Garza did on SC. He really needs to work on his throws to 1B

  • Eddie Von White

    I dozed off in the top of the 9th and woke up just in time to see Marmol take the line drive off his gut. I was glad I missed the antics leading up to it. 

  • cap’n Obvious

    until his name is actually substituted for swearing, I will feel better about Marmol than I did about Gregging Gregg, the human iron mike pitching machine.

  • Doc Raker

    My son is convinced the Cubs will make a run at the wild card, I am not and I have not sat him down to do the math, let him hope since it is fun, why jade him so young.
    Rizzo has made that mistake before as Mark Grace pointed out on the AZ broadcast. A runner has to make sure the outfielders throw is going to get past the cut off man, simple stuff, a little league mistake but as Gracey also pointed out it was a real nice piece of hitting to take a low breaking pitch and rope it into right field.

  • Gymjok

    It may be nothing but, did anyone else notice after the last out of the game, Rizzo handed the ball to Marmol and walked away from him. No congratulations gesture of any kind. Again it may be nothing, but it looked weird to me.

  • Gymjok

    Brenley had a different description of the play. First he said Rizzo did the correct thing by drawing the throw insuring that the runner would score the run. Then he changed it by saying only do that if you think the runner will be out at home and don’t if you know he’s going to be safe(conditions being that the throw is able to be cut off).

  • Eddie Von White

    Now that you mention it, I did notice that, but I remember thinking that it was because Rizzo must have figured he didn’t need to buddy up to Marmol – he’ll be history soon anyway.

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