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July 14, 2012

Game 86: No Way Delay

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The four hour delay may have thinned out an already slight Wrigley crowd, but the Cubs didn’t miss a beat in their first game back from the All-Star break.

In case you weren’t watching the game and didn’t hear Len mention how rare four hour delays are close to fifty times, four hour delays aren’t very common in today’s game. Some may have turned off the tv and gone about their business, checking in periodically for first pitch updates. Others may have sat there patiently awaiting whatever terrible substitute WGN had on during the rain.

Myself? I created a player the exact height, weight and skill set as Anthony Rizzo in the Road to the Show game style of PS3’s The Show. Naturally I named the player after myself because who wouldn’t actually want to be the savior of the Cubs? Early numbers aren’t promising.

Sori’s Big Day

Soriano teased Cubs fans with a 4-4 outing, all of which went for extra bases. His two doubles, two home runs and 5 RBI capped what was easily his best performance on the season. Now if only he could maintain a perfect after break pace to interest enough teams to take him for their early exit long postseason run. I know this is what many fans are hoping for, but I wouldn’t expect many to be naive enough to expect that this really does anything to his value. Not one game does a player make. That aside it is always good to see Soriano hitting.


The Cubs two All-Stars Bryan LaHair and Starlin Castro seemed to be the only guys getting on base consistently to start the season. Now they look like the only two guys that can’t get on base with any consistency. Both were batting well over .300 at the start of the twelve game losing streak and have since then seen a steady decline in their averages. With his 0-4 performance tonight, LaHair is hovering around the Mendoza line since the middle of May. I would have thought that the protection Rizzo brings to the lineup would take pressure off both Castro and LaHair, but it hasn’t. Maybe LaHair really was the overachiever some thought to start the year. His recent struggles combined with his inexperience in the outfield make him a prime candidate for trade rumors over the next two weeks. Theo might want to cash in before his value takes another hit.

Maholm Stays On Track

Maholm won his third consecutive start since his bomb job in the desert against this same Diamondbacks. Other than the first inning, where he was bailed out by the double play, Diamondbacks runners never threatened to score again. The AS break/delay rust wore off as he went through the night, as Maholm looked to get stronger with each inning he pitched. With the game likely out of reach and his pitch count high, Manny Corpas and Shawn Camp came in to finish the game without issue. Just a well pitched game throughout.

Trade Talk

The Trade Machine has taken a bit of a hiatus because all the trade related articles on here may be boring you to death. You’ve gotten to hear about all our opinions on who will and won’t be traded. So give me your five most likely player to be traded before August 1st.

My list (to be expanded upon soon):

1. Ryan Dempster

2. Matt Garza

3. Darwin Barney

4. Alfonso Soriano

5. Bryan LaHair

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  • Doug S.

    OK, so Soriano’s had some good games. I think he can smell a ticket to a contender. I’m also thinking he’d go somewhere and light it up. Probably largely on our dime. A final screw you for a horrible contract.

  • Kinzpga

    Largely on our dime? Most likely all on our dime. I don’t think he’s going anywhere this season. Too much $$$ to eat. Makes much more sense to keep him in the lineup to give Rizzo/Castro some protection and move
    Him next season when the $$$ amount is quite a bit smaller.

  • Doug S.

    Checked a couple of sources, both had Soriano at 18 mill per year through 2014. What am I missing?

  • Cubs Future

    Isn’t that enough?  That is two more years after this one.  Management probably will keep him unless can get some good prospects out of it and especially if they trade LaHair and/ or Dejesus and/or Reed.  The young outfielders aren’t ready to come up, so no need to push Jackson or the yet younger ones.   Soriano is starting to play a lot better in bits and pieces and if you don’t get enough in return, then hard to pay someone who can provide some excitement and protection for Rizzo.  I do agree in all probability won’t be traded until offseason or next year at earliest.  All really depends on return and what other trades they work on  and how much they value prospects.

  • Cubs Future

     I mean hard to pay him to play on some other team without the good prospects.

  • Timothy Scarbrough

    I don’t think any team is crazy enough to give us good prospects for Soriano, even if we completely pay the remainder of his contract.

  • Cubs Future

     Exactly my point and I don’t think we are even expecting top prospects, but still sad so ultimately we will be stuck with this contract.  Soriano is not a bad guy, but he is scrutinized severely for it.

  • Buddy

    I don’t know if Soriano is a good guy or a bad guy, and I really don’t care. He’s not my neighbor or my kids teacher. Just an overpaid DH stuck in LF. And I agree with Timothy…Soriano probably isn’t going anywhere. That contract is awful, and he’s a one-dimensional player. 

  • Buddy

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Jay Cutler “sang” at Wrigley today. Brutal. 

  • Josh Cornwall

    But it did, during the interview……

  • Buddy

    An even worse interview job than usual:

    Len-“We’ve had some of your offensive lineman in the booth before. Those guys are big!”


  • cap’n obvious

    that might be generously giving him credit for one dimension…


    I remember in 2003, on Labor Day vs. the Cardinals, there was a 5-hour delay before the game, because of a storm that never came.



    Who is worse? Him or Ditka?

  • Buddy

    Ditka and Ozzy Osbourne were much worse.


    No one will ever be worse than Ozzy Osbourne. Danica Patrick was pretty terrible also. And Jeff Gordon called the park Wrigley Stadium

  • Doc Raker

    Len to Starlin Castro: “What is your favorite English word?” Castro just looks at Len in bewilderment. “Well you have learned so much english this past year I thought you might have a favorite word.” I got a couple Len- YOU ARE FIRED.

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