July has arrived, which means  the trade market will soon explode in a flurry of rumors and announcements.  Our Cubs, and the Epstein regime,  are sure to be at the center of the attention.  July and August are a busy time for baseball in general and along with the trade deadline there are a few other dates that Cub fans may want t0 keep an eye on.   Below I have listed some important dates along with their relevance to the Cubs.  Some of you have these dates committed to memory and are already looking at the myriad of scenarios that could play out, but I know some people don’t have a total grasp on these dates and their importance, this is for you…..


July 2nd –  First date to sign international players for the following season

The significance off the above date has more to do with what happened before this date then after.  International players signed after this date are subject to the new labor agreement rules.  The rules basically state that a team cannot spend more then $3 million on international talent for a given year.  Yes,  That is a total folks.  For instance, Jorge Soler got a $6 million signing bonus in which he agreed to officially on July 1st, this alone would exceed the new total dollar amounts for international signings stipulated by the new labor agreement, which went into effect July 2nd.  If the amount is exceeded the teams face a tax/penalty.  Going forward fans will not see huge international signings like they have prior too this season.

July 8th – Taco Bell All – Star Sunday – Futures Game – Legends & Celebrity Softball Game

If you want to get a glimpse of future Cub stud Jae-Hoon Ha then tune into the futures game on July 8th.  He will be the only representative from the Cubs and will play for the World squad.

July 9th – Home-Run Derby

Yah, there are no Cubs participating in this one.  At this point we are lucky to have any all-stars on the roster…..

July 10th – 83rd All-Star Game, Kansas City,MO

It looks as though Bryan LaHair may actually get the start in this one as Joey Votto is experiencing some knee issues.  Starlin Castro will be making his second appearance as a reserve.

July 13th, 5:00pm – Signing deadline for 2012 draft picks

Many picks have already signed but quite a few of the top guys are holding out for that deadline….like our own selection Albert Almora.  I am pretty sure this has more to do with Boras being a hard ass then Almora not wanting to sign.  He was selected pretty high and I have to believe that the risk of injury or just plain sub par productivity in college could damage his future draft slot.  Take the money and run kid!

July 16th – Competitive Balance and Forfeited Pick Lottery  – First date that assignable draft selections may be traded (through October 3, 2012)

So basically this is another Selig modification to the whole competitive balance garbage.  The basic jist of this is as follows…..the ten lowest revenue producing teams and the ten teams with the worst records will get supplemental picks at the end of the first and second round.  There will be overlap here, so there will not be 20 picks in all.  This is basically the date for the lottery deciding what picks those teams will get in next years draft.  These picks will come after the supplemental picks that teams get as compensation for player free agency.   What a joke…..

July 22nd – Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Ron Santo’s induction into the Hall of Fame.

July 31st 4:00pm EST – Non-Waiver Trade Deadline

With pretty much the entire team on the block and so few sellers this day could be a busy one for the Cubs.  This marks the last day that a MLB team can make a trade without the players being subjected to waivers first.

August 31st – Waiver Trade Deadline / Postseason Eligibility Lists established at Midnight EST.

All trades made after the Non-Waiver trade deadline must pass through waivers.  This day is the cutoff for such trades.  This is also the cut off for Post-Season rosters.

September 1st – Active rosters expand from 25 – 40 players

Hello September call-ups!  This is where the big league club may see Jackson , Vitters, or maybe a new face for the future?


So those are your important dates through the end of the season, or at least the ones that can have any effect on the Cubs.    Enjoy your 4th of July and the coming month which should be quite active for the Cubs!








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