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June 30, 2012

Game 76: Mahalo Maholm

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Box ScoreCondensed / Highlights


Hip Hip Hoorah! Paul Maholm jumped in on the week long win parade with a terrific rebound performance against the Astros. From the get go, Maholm was in control of every at bat and didn’t make the same silly mistakes he’s been making over his past five or six starts.

In his post game interview, he seemed more than relieved to get off the snide and grab his fifth win of the season. It’s strange to think he was 3-2 during April and hasn’t had a win since the first start in May. Although if you look at his box score stats from the past month, you can certainly understand why he hasn’t had one.

But Maholm wasn’t the only one to get back in the win column, as I am getting to recap my first win in over a month as well. I want to thank my parents, my wife and this wonderful team for the opportunity to do so. Brings tears to my eyes.

Rizzo Watch

Anthony Rizzo grabbed a walk in the first inning, as everyone else struggled to get on base against Bud Norris the first time around. Unfortunately this was the only time Rizzo touched first base and stayed there. Yesterday it seemed like he was going with the home run swing  a bit much, which will get him in to trouble in the Bigs. Overall his swing has been much better then it was with the Padres last year. His hands are a lot lower in his stance and he’s getting his hands around quicker. His first bomb at Wrigley is on the horizon.

Mahlolm’s Rebound

I won’t talk much more about him, since I did in the opening. Paulie M hadn’t won a game since May 7th and hasn’t looked very sharp since then. Maholm’s performance was “dominant” in a weird way, only walking one and giving up two hits through eight. I’ll give him a pass for the top of the ninth, although it always frightens me to bring in Marmol with guys in scoring position. Maholm definitely wanted to get out of his own jam for the complete game, but he was starting to leave the ball over the plate in the later innings. Some good defense by Castro and DeJesus saved some big hits and runs. I’d be happy if Maholm pitches somewhere between this performance and his bad ones. All he needs to do is give the team a chance to win every fifth day and he went above the call of duty yesterday.

Vitters Back on Top Lists

I know that Kevin Goldstein’s fantasy prospects list isn’t the most regarded in terms of opinions in the baseball world, but it’s interesting to see Vitters on the list. He has been much more consistent in AAA this year and should be a August or September call up, possibly even before Brett Jackson. The reason I believe that is because of Vitters’ ability to make contact, while Jackson tends to struggle. His defense still isn’t great, but I can see him platooning with Valbuena — who I really like — if the team DFA’s Mather or Stewart.

Trade Talk

Ryan Dempster looks like a top choice for Dodgers according to multiple sources. Garza might stay, he might go to the American League, who knows. Also according to Joe’s dream last night, Starlin Castro is getting traded to the Nationals for a bunch of underwhelming veterans. We should all pray he is not Nostradamus.

Speaking of Garza, he gets the start today against the red hot J.A. Happ. Garza, like Maholm has been on a cold streak in the win column despite his best efforts. It would be nice to see Garza put out a more dominant performance though, rather than his status quo of giving up three runs over six innings in every start. We shall see.

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  • Buddy

    I’m not so worried about Vitters’ ability to make contact, but I am worried about his ability to make outs. He seems to have that down to a science. 

  • Doc Raker

    Three jacks gave us all our scoring including Clevenger’s first big league yaya. I am starting to like Valbuena since he is starting to hit- good for him.

  • Doug S.

    I’m liking this young infield.

  • Katie

    I’d like to see a Dempster trade. It would be great if a contender would pick him up. He’s doing everything right, and there are teams that can and will back him up.


    Let’s trade him to the Tigers or Indians. That would really rile up White Sox fans.


    Rizzo’s first bomb as a Cub has passed. Woohoo!

  • Jedi

    Dempster’s out until at least the break. Glad this injury was so ‘minor’ – he’s spent nearly half the season on the shelf by the time he pitches again.

  • Buddy

    Half the season? He’s made 12 starts and pitched 81 innings already. The team leader has 15 starts and 87 innings.

  • Jedi

    Yeah, by the time he pitches again – he’ll have missed 6 weeks.  That’s a bit less than HALF of the time that we’ll have played by then.  Basically 14/15 weeks of total baseball…you want to call it 40% – fine.  I don’t care.

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