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The good news: The Cubs are 16-20 at home, and their home record isn’t the worst in the Majors! The bad news: at 26-49, their overall record is the worst in the Majors. The Padres have one more win and just as many losses as the Cubs.

I was fortunate enough to watch this game in person! Some of you may think that watching a 17-1 exhibition-esque game is a rather unfortunate event, but not under these circumstances. More about the circumstances later. For now, let’s talk baseball.

The Good: 

Anthony Rizzo is now batting .375 this season with the Cubs!* I am cautiously realistic about him, though. It is very possible that he could end up being a bust, and I will not let myself be surprised if that does happen. However, I want so badly for him to break the trend of flopping Cubs’ prospects, that, if Mr. Rizzo does break the trend, I will use “Rizzo” as my firstborn son’s middle name.

After a plethora of errors the other night, Luis Valbuena got his rear in gear and played some solid defense on the hot corner today. There was nothing but clean fielding and sharp tosses to Rizzo from his end of the diamond, and he had the Cubs’ only RBI.

Tony Campana posed with me for a picture:

The Bad:

Pitching. Daniel Murphy, who was homerless in nearly a year, hit two off the Cubs today. Ike Davis hit a one, and Scott Hairston had a grand slam. 

Batting with runners in scoring position. It seems as though the players who can hit get on base, and the players who cannot hit leave them out there. It is similar to the pirates of old: marooning the guy who takes the time and does the work to get where he is supposed to be gets left behind by the others.

Jeff Baker is still on the team and his trade value is definitely not going up. Is it just me, or does the atmosphere of the stadium become uncomfortable when he comes up to bat? It seems like everybody knows that nobody likes him, but everyone is afraid  to tell him that nobody wants him on the team.

The Awesome:

 Free tickets. Free food. Free drinks. Great company.

A guy named Stephen Gebhardt, the director of marketing for, is teaming up with Microsoft embark on a journey entitled “Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List.” They offered free tickets, I accepted, and it was probably the best decision of my life. You can check them out at and on twitter at @rsvlts. They were a pretty fun bunch, knew a little bit about baseball, and a lot about Windows Phones.


Randy Wells was DFA’d this morning, and Dolis was called up. At this point, we need to DFA our entire pitching staff. Starters, relievers, closers. Everyone. They are just… bad. There is no adjective colorful enough to describe how I feel about them. BUT, the Yankees are in dire need of pitching, and Demp and Garza are rumored to be on the auction block. If the Yanks are desperate enough, they may be willing to put a good deal together for one (or both) of those guys.

*Sentence may be laced with sarcasm

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Katie Cernek is a regular contributor to VFTB. She grew up as a Cubs fan in rural Wisconsin and fondly remembers hearing stories of Fergie Jenkins, Billy Williams, Ernie Banks, and Ron Santo. You can find Katie on Twitter @heyitskatiec