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I’ll admit it, I didn’t have high hopes with the matchup tonight. Jake Peavy against Travis Wood, on the surface, doesn’t seem very fair, but the Cubs did just enough to squeak out a win and secure a series win thanks to a good outing from Wood and some clutch pitching from the pen for the second straight night. What’s crazy, and correct me if I’m wrong on this, but I think we can still win that stupid BP cup trophy if we win tomorrow night. That would mean a series split and it’s my understanding that the winner of the final game is the tiebreaker for some stupid reason.

  • Bob was audibly frustrated with Buckner as home ump as Len was announcing who was working the plate, which makes me laugh. Buckner is not known for being a good umpire, but Bob’s reaction made me laugh out loud. I really enjoy the fact that he wears his frustrations on his sleeve. It made me wonder how he would speak to Buckner if he was nose to nose in an argument with him if he were to still be managing. Would he insult his ability to call a game? I’d pay to hear that conversation.
  • Wood did a good job to get out of the second with limited damage. I thought about the fact that we could shake off the hook with the eight hitter up. I thought if we could just get him, then we get the pitcher. Then, I remembered this was the AL rules.
  • Tony Campana continues to frustrate me by showing bunt each and every at bat he gets. His speed is a tremendous asset that is valuable when he can get on base. Why he feels that it also means that the only way he can get on base is by bunting is beyond me. In my opinion, he should be showing bunt less and focus more on just putting the ball in play and using his speed to force the fielders to be perfect in not only the fielding of the ball, but the throw. I see his comp to be Juan Pierre. If he can model his game after him, he will be just fine.
  • The White Sox have never had a 50 home run season by a hitter. That surprises me considering the numbers of seasons put up by Frank Thomas and Paul Konerko.
  • As I was watching, I had a thought that might be fun. It will probably be shouted down, but that’s ok. What if, for one inning, the broadcast booths were combined to form one booth made up of the home and away television teams. The team who is at bat would have their play by play guy due the primary work for that half inning while the other three would serve as glorified color guys. The main concept would be the niter action between the broadcasters and discussions that would take place. That would be interesting to me.
  • If you missed the highlight reel catch by Starlin Castro in the 5th, take a minute and watch it on the highlights. I thought for sure that the bloop hit was going to drop in left center but Castro got to it, knocked it off his glove and then barehanded it. Outstanding grab. I don’t watch Baseball Tonight, which seems wrong since its an ESPN blog, so if someone that does can let me know that catch came in on the web gems countdown, I would appreciate it.
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