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Tonight I had the opportunity to watch the game with my father (a Red Sox fan), which was a pleasant change from the norm of being tortured by watching Cubs games by myself. Unfortunately the Cubs didn’t come through for me, but I suppose the old man needs some kind of present from me for Father’s Day and this game is “my” contribution.

Usually after losses I find myself being frustrated by something in particular that the team as a whole just struggled with during the game. Tonight was the probably the first game I watched this season where I felt good after a loss. Neither starting pitcher had a fantastic outing and neither offense was overwhelmingly effective either. But for some reason I just felt good about how the team performed tonight. Maybe Joe is right and I’m coming to terms that this team won’t be good for awhile, but they are making the necessary moves to be contenders in the future.

The Good

  • Luis Valbuena hit his first home run as a Cub tonight which cut a four run deficit to one. Valbuena took a tailing fastball to deep left center with the wind blowing out. It’s unfortunate that no one else was able to take advantage of the breeze. I thought for sure that LaHair was going to save the day with some last inning heroics with the weather conditions how they were.
  • Manny Corpas has looked pretty good since coming up to the big league club. He does get wild from time to time, although not nearly as bad as Carlos Marmol. I thought he pitched a solid two innings to end the game giving up one hit and one walk while striking out one. We can always use some consistent innings eaters in the bullpen, although I’m still being cautiously optimistic about Corpas.
  • Clevenger came in to the game in the 9th and screamed a liner into center for a single. I wish we could combine his bat with Welington Castillo’s defense to make a starting catcher. The two are starting to make Geo seem a little bit more expendable.

The Bad

  • Jeff Samardzija wasn’t his normal efficient self for the second straight start. His pitch count was high from the get go, constantly battling with batters to get routine outs. His 108 pitches through five and a third definitely isn’t anything to be proud of. He continues to leave his curve ball over the plate once his pitch count starts inching closer to 100. The Saltalamacchia homer was an example of that.
  • Tony Campana and Bryan LaHair both battled in their sole at-bats only to come up short.
  • Darwin Barney’s line out in the 8th should have been a hit in my opinion. It did look like Daniel Nava got his glove under the ball, but I’ve watched it a dozen times and I swear it bounces off the grass. The way I see it is that the web of Nava’s glove scrunched down instead of going under the ball. My wife disagrees with me, but that’s because of her Boston bias.

The Ugly

  • Soriano not running on that “line-out” to Will Middlebrooks was awful. So awful that I hope he wastes away on the bench for a week or is traded for a turkey sandwich on rye (hold the mayo). Plays like that make me kind of miss Marlon Byrd. I know the guy wasn’t the same after the “Aceves” to the face, but he would have hustled that ball out. Soriano deserves every boo that was directed his way for the remainder of the game.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads. Hope you get to enjoy a day of rest without having to help out too much with the grilling duties. I will also pray that none of you get another ugly fish tie from Great Aunt Matilda, those always end up being hideous.

Which leads me to my last question. Worst Father’s Day presents? Discuss.

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