LaHair, Bryan* 29 MAJ 164 10 0 10 22 22 48 .312 .402 .596 .998
Baker, Jeff 31 MAJ 57 4 0 0 4 6 9 .240 .316 .320 .636
Rizzo, Anthony* 22 AAA 200 12 1 17 46 17 37 .354 .415 .713 1.128
Bour, Justin* 24 AA 209 10 0 6 37 20 37 .268 .344 .421 .765
Jones, Richard* 24 H-A 180 10 2 0 22 8 46 .232 .278 .315 .593
Hoilman, Paul 23 L-A 201 16 4 3 32 17 63 .281 .348 .466 .815
Cuneo, Ryan* 23 L-A 161 6 1 4 23 18 22 .259 .348 .403 .751

All the talk has been centered around the logjam the Cubs have at this position. It’s pretty clear that Anthony Rizzo is putting up numbers that suggest he is ready for the promotion. There really isn’t much left for him to prove at the AAA level. At this point it’s purely a financial issue. Jed and Theo will try to spin it and say that it isn’t, but the Cubs have not promoted him to pick up that extra time before he hits free agency. The time he spent in San Diego on the Major League roster is causing the issues. We’ll see Rizzo soon enough. I’m fine with the fact that he’s not up yet. As excited as I am to watch him, we have to think big picture.

What seems to be the running theme with just about every position in this system is a lack of depth. First base appears to be no different. Aside from Rizzo, there really isn’t anyone producing. Paul Hoilman put up a nice hitting streak earlier this season, but he’s 23 years old and in High-A ball. He’s a 19th round pick, so he’s a lottery ticket. Past Rizzo, he’s probably the best chance for depth at the position.

I had higher hopes for Ryan Cuneo, especially as he started the season hitting for power early. Unfortunately, those home runs were a bit of an illusion.

The one name to watch that hasn’t entered the conversation yet is Dan Vogelbach. The 2nd round pick in 2011 has been playing in extended spring training, but should be promoted soon. He’s struggled where he is, so his stock has fallen since we ranked him # 4 overall. We’ll see if extended spring stats mean anything for him.

Questions for Discussion

  • If you had to make a prediction on a date when we’ll see Anthony Rizzo make his Cubs debut. When will it be?
  • Rank these three in order of home runs at the ML level in 2012 from most to least: Alfonso Soriano, Bryan LaHair & Anthony Rizzo.
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