Interesting commentary this go’round since most of the Cubs’ time since my last GirlieView was spent losing. I was buoyed by the amount of humor and was happy no one was threatening suicide. Or Cubicide. Here we go!


  • Another Marmol Flame Up, Cubs Killed by Errant Deliverys.
  • Ugly. Ugly ugly UGLY!
  • The bullpen made me briefly forgot about this week’s episode of ‘Garza Throws to First Base’.  This one was a good one, a two-parter.
  • I would caution not to overlap it with, different subject matter.
  • Just a matter of time until I took my rightful place on top of the Lizzie board, drinks on me.
  • Before I could even finish my first beer, the Cubs were already trailing.
  • It also allows for Travis Wood to be called up to assure the Cubs still have Wood and do not need to see their doctor.
  • Someone had already taken BM1 & BM2?
  • I figured we wouldn’t miss much so he an I plopped down for some constructive claymation.
  • It’s true we might get swept this weekend.  But take solace, Cubs fan–at least you’re not that [White Sox] guy.
  • You can’t expect platitudes and false faint praise form folks with mono-syllabic vocabularies and remarkably low teeth-to-tattoo ratios.
  • Would it kill this team to score some runs?
  • Let’s score some touchdowns Cubs!
  • [Woody]’s a real classy guy, and I hope he stays with this organization.
  • I saw Kerry Wood throw his last pitch. I cried.
  • Hit the bottle with this team.
  • That’s like saying to me, “hey your wife went to the hospital for a month and your ex-wife is gonna fill in…”
  • So if you want to be on the major league roster as a relief pitcher, keep your eyes open as your opportunity may be around the corner.
  • Yikes this team really tried hard to be awful this week.
  • Even when [LaHair] is slumping, he hits better than most of the lineup.
  • what new excuse will we find to account for the lack of offense, ’cause the weather ain’t it!
  • Remember when we used to be thankful the Astros were in the NL Central?
  • If I’m honest, I’m running a tad low on optimism right now.
  • My condolences go out to JJ for having to write-up this game’s recap.
  • Hey look!  We’re already to the part of the season when Castro’s freakish stats are all we have to console us after a loss.
  • the next time you see Matt Garza not looking like himself and giving up 3-run homers, put on some pants and go see The Avengers.
  • sometimes you have to scoot sideways along the bottom for a while groping for something to grab a hold of to pick yourself up
  • It’s difficult to preach patience to a fan base in a 100+-year drought, but overall, I see progress being made in the big picture. If that means closing my eyes to what is essentially a minor-league team trying to get big-boy legs under it, then I’ll just shut both, or maybe squint really hard.
  • I would say the Cubs hit bottom in 2011, 2012 is the beginning of the rebuild.
  • Something about 2 solid fingers and a thumb. If only some casual Cub fan could have mentioned to him why Koyie has an issue with that.
  • Insert (cynical, sarcastic comment offering zero baseball value and only purpose is Lizzie consideration) here.
  • ‘Meet the New Low’ for Lizzie pandering.
  • And if your pitchers only allow 1 run per game but you NEVER GET A STINKING RUN then you will also lose.
  • Wood always seemed to understand the special relationship between the Cubs and their fans.
  • I would sacrifice a billy goat to the oft-invoked Baseball Gods on an ivy-covered brick altar at midnight to be .500 further than three games into the season.
  • It’s about talent. The Cubs lack it. When they have players that can hit, they’ll also have players that can hit w/RISP.
  • Lose and get high draft picks while, at the same time, put practices into place in the entire organization that will lead to future success.
  • “Ian is hitting .385 vs Houston on Wednesdays before 7:30PM.”
  • I’m fine with maintaining the “human element,” but there needs to be a way to acknowledge when that human element makes a mistake, especially a costly one.
  • Unfamiliar with simple baseball rules, … Soriano tried to run through Pedro Alvarez.
  • There were two outs, he had two strikes on him, and Marmol took over Dolis’ body.
  • what if Rowland-Smith marries Biben-Dirkx sister and they have a baby it will be Baby Rowland-Smith-Bibens-Dirkx
  • The Cubs broke their 12-game losing streak with a convincing win over the Padres.  I could almost end the recap right there.


  • No expectations.  No disappointment.

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