Cubs 1 @ Astros 5

Box Score / Highlights / Condensed Game

You know how this joke ends and it isn’t funny.  No amount of sarcasm or dry wit added to this joke could crack a smile on my face.

It’s one of those jokes used to torture  people who’ve forgotten how to laugh.

I’m not sure if I’m just being cranky because it’s past my bedtime and or because I have to watch this pathetic team continue to show no emotion or heart on the field. Or maybe because the bullpen continues to pitch like a bunch of t-ball dads. Or maybe because the team wouldn’t knock in runs even if they started with a handicap runner at third to start each inning at the plate. Or maybe it’s just because of the fish tacos I had for dinner.

Whatever it is, this team has become hard to watch with no sign of change in the near future.

By the Numbers

The Cubs out hit the Astros 27-21 in the series yet were out scored 15-6.

– The Cubs are 6-4 against teams with winning records in the month of May. They are 1-11 against teams with losing records.

– The Cubs have the second longest current losing streak of the four major professional leagues. Only the Charlotte Bobcats top them with 23 straight.


I understand they wanted to get him work tonight, but why in the world leave him in for so long. This is the conversation that took place in my head between Sveum and whoever was listening to him at the time.

Sveum: “Wow this got out of hand quickly. Weren’t we just winning?”

Phone: “Nope you were actually losing, but I like your optimism.”

Sveum: “He’s a little rusty and we’ve already lost 8 in a row. What’s one more?”

Phone: ” Yeah mean….uh this is John Buccigross on Sportscenter. I think you have the wrong number.”

The Sharktank

This guy has been a baller this season and one of the few bright spots that turns my frown upside down. A dumb move by Barney changed the pace and outcome of the game. It’s a shame that Shark had to take the loss and ultimately get the hook after the sixth, the last thing I want to do is watch t-ball daddy’s come out and pitch. The team is now 6-3 in his starts, but could easily be 8-1. Jeff has fallen to some of the same run support issues that has plagued Dempster for three years, but that’s been everyone. Sidenote, I had forgotten that Campana had pinch hit for him in the top of the 7th and I didn’t see James Russell come out. I asked him wife if Sharkman had gotten a haircut during the break and she gave me a weird look and said it wasn’t the same guy. How observant.

I’ll wake up in a few hours for work and have forgotten the game, but getting swept for the third series in a row struck a nerve reaction that I haven’t felt in awhile; Cubs related angst. I understand the thoughts about rebuilding and all that mumbo jumbo, but I still want to see a MLB quality product on the field. The two weeks of “success” now look like a flash in the pan and excuses have crawled out of every corner imaginable. Is it really that much to ask for a team that is watchable?

Because as of right now I can’t say the Cubs are much more than a brunt of a bad nightmarish joke.

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