I had a zillion ideas for today’s post.  I started typing and everything came out negative.  I even tried to put positive spins on some of the topics in a “look at the bright side” kind of way.  It just wasn’t natural, or for that matter, believable.  So sticking with my attempt to stay positive until the positive happens, I decided a cop out post was the best way to go forth.

Five Burning Questions is my way of slowing down the game.  It is also where I dump some random Cub/baseball related questions out on the table, questions that make me say, “hmmmm, I wonder what VFTB nation feels about this?”

Without further ado, here are those Five Burning Questions…..

1) Is Kerry Wood one of the Top 50 Cubs of all time?

Recently, ESPNChicago.com did a “Top 50 Cubs of All-Time” list.  Kerry Wood was not on this list.  Okay, this is where I have to separate my fan side from my practical baseball sense side.  I say yes to him being on the list, but he barely cracks the list, and there is probably still a little nostalgia playing into that answer.  This is a tough call, and one of those where people will argue that he was once a great starting pitcher, it just did not last very long.  He had a short window before injuries took their toll.  However, my answer is yes….but barely….like number 49.

2) Who was the Cubs last really good catcher?

So, we will give Soto the last good season, but based on body of work I am going with Joe Girardi.  This was tough because I don’t remember a good one prior to Girardi until you get back to Randy Hundley.  Speaking of Hundley, do you remember Todd Hundley?  That was a bad signing.

3) On that note, who was the worst free agent signing ever for the Cubs?

I just debated this with a friend and he is locked on Soriano.  I beg to differ, Soriano has at least produced, albeit he is overpaid and seemingly aging with each at bat.  Todd Hundley is bad but the damage he caused was fleeting.  I go with Milton Bradley all the way.  I have never felt worse about a Cubs acquisition then I did about Milton Bradley.  The second I saw the news I felt like I boarded the Hindenberg and the Titanic all at once….The Hindentanic or the Titaniberg if you will!  The second I saw the deal went down I called three friends and promptly told them this was the beginning of a long stretch of ugly…..here we are in 2012.  The best part was the fact that his damage didn’t just extend to the field of play or the clubhouse. Remember how the Cubs were a non-factor in the following off-season because they had to find a way to unload Bradley?  Is it safe to say his signing set the team back a few years at least?

4)  If the Cubs announced they were trading Bryan LaHair for two prospects under the age of 21, the first being a pitcher, that would immediately slot in our top 5 prospects and the second, a position player that would be somewhere between 10-20, what would be closest to your initial response….

  a) Awesome, we need the young guys and LaHair is a flash in the pan at best, good thing we got some talent for him.

  b) LaHair could be the next great First Baseman for the Cubs!!! What are they doing???

  c) No Problem, Rizzo is on his way and will probably be better!

  d) Who is Bryan LaHair?

5)  Will Dale Sveum keep his job through the end of his contract?

This question is not only silly, it is stupid.  If you have asked this question in the last few days you should be ashamed.  Sveum has yet to do anything terribly wrong, other than overuse of the bunt, I kind of like his low key demeanor.  It does sometimes appear to be borderline suicidal, judging from his facial expressions, but overall I think he knows what the rest of us have known for a few seasons, as Dusty used to say, “get me the horses, and I will win”…..this team doesn’t have the players to accurately judge a manager….and it won’t for another year or so, which should keep Dale safe, then again, I was a Quade sympathizer for the same reasons, so all bets are off.

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